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Invitation to Tender:New Visual Assets for Reprieve’s Four Campaign Areas August 2019   Summary International human rights charity Reprieve is looking for an agency to [a] develop four distinct visual identities for its public-facing campaign areas and to then [b] produce associated visual assets that can be tested using social media advertising and other recommended means. The winning visual identities and assets will be used across Reprieve’s online channels and in paid advertising, aiming to unify the campaigns we run and make them more visually appealing to existing and future supporters on social media and convert more sign ups through Facebook advertising.   The four campaign areas we need a new visual identity and assets for are:

  • Ending the use of the death penalty;
  • Stopping lethal & illegal drone attacks;
  • Closing Guantánamo and other secret prisons;
  • Exposing and stopping torture & rendition.  

There is a maximum budget of £15,000 (inclusive of VAT) available for this project. Reprieve is a charity and welcomes proposals from agencies able to undertake this project with budgets below that figure.   This invitation to tender and subsequent agency collaboration will be managed by Reprieve’s Head of Digital, Colette G. St-Onge, who is available on Colette is on leave 2-13 September. During this time, any questions can be sent to John Braid on  Any questions about this project should be submitted by 30 September. The deadline to submit a proposal is 9 October 2019.  About Reprieve  Reprieve is an international human rights organisation based in London, with a sister organisation – Reprieve US – based in New York. We have around 40 staff and an annual income of £2.8m. Founded in 1999 by British human rights lawyer Clive Stafford Smith, we work and campaign on cases of extreme human rights abuses by governments such as the death penalty, targetted assassinations by drone attacks and detention without due process in secret prisons like Guantanamo.  We work on the front line of human rights: our investigators, lawyers and campaigners take on some of the most complex cases and causes – with amazing results. We have saved over 500 people from execution, freed more men from illegal detention in Guantanamo Bay than any other organisation (even those many times our size), and held the world’s most powerful governments to account in ground-breaking legal challenges.   Our work has saved lives and delivered justice to some of the most vulnerable people in the world. We continue to grow and expand into new areas of critical human rights work.   Reprieve’s Campaigns & Digital Work Reprieve’s Campaigns & Digital Team was set up in 2014 to increase the number of people supporting Reprieve’s work, increase engagement with the issues we challenge as well as facilitate individual donations to support our work.  Today, the team manages a growing list of over 55,000 supporters and brought in over 20% of Reprieve’s income in 2018. The team is aiming to bring in over 35% of Reprieve’s income by the end of 2021 through a mixture of regular and one-off donations. This target is shared across the team and allows them to focus on creative, engaging, and impactful campaigns that inspire Reprieve’s supporters.  One of the gaps identified to growing Reprieve’s list of supporters and increasing Reprieve’s digital  income by the end of 2021 is Reprieve’s visual identity online. To remedy this, two projects have been planned for 2019. The first is the redevelopment of the Reprieve and Reprieve US websites and is already underway. We are expecting to launch the new website with Hands Up in or after October 2019.  The second project is the subject of this invitation to tender. As we increase the profile and frequency of our public-facing campaigns and develop more products (petitions, infographics, videos, etc.) aimed at Reprieve’s growing list of supporters who engage with those campaigns, we’ve realised that we need to update and unify the visual brand of that public facing work. This is particularly important in how we present and promote Reprieve’s campaigns on social media.  The four public-facing campaign areas we will continue to promote in Facebook advertisements and on our website are:

  • Ending the use of the death penalty;
  • Stopping lethal & illegal drone attacks;
  • Closing Guantanamo and other secret prisons;
  • Exposing and stopping torture & rendition.  

Key considerations We’re looking for an agency to develop four visual identities and then produce and test visual assets on Reprieve’s social media channels with the aim of pinning down a visual identity and associated assets that will make sure people stop and click through to digital products linked to our four campaign areas. Below are the key challenges we have identified and the lessons we have gathered so far from our marketing and Facebook advertising.  Challenges identified  Reprieve has always struggled to present a strong but appealing and hopeful visual identity, online or offline. The topics we work on can be horrific and the obvious imagery is easily blocked on Facebook (where we advertise most).  The people we work with are vulnerable and cannot consent to having their photos used beyond their individual cases, though we know Reprieve supporters respond to positively to stories about our beneficiaries and emails written in their name or that of their family members. As we need to obtain consent for every single mention of a former or current beneficiary, we could not use their faces or names for this project.  We have spent the past five years trying to work around these restrictions but the reality is we need help. We need a unifying visual identity for each campaign area that not only helps illustrate the work on our website but also encourages people to stop on our website and click to sign up, take action or donate.  Finally, we have a ring-fenced budget for this project: £15,000 including VAT. That said, we are a charity and this project needs to be as cost effective as it is ambitious and creative. To make sure the assets produced are worthy of funding, we need assets to be split tested and refined based on the results of that testing.  Learnings gathered so far Reprieve invests in its campaigns and digital growth, spending an estimated £18,000 on Facebook advertising in the past 12 months. We are constantly testing what language and what imagery engages and converts our supporters best. What we’ve learned is that people engage more with:

  • Photographs (even photoshopped collages) instead of illustrations;
  • People (targets of our campaigns such as politicians rather than beneficiaries);
  • Maps.

Here are some examples of adverts that have had high engagement rates: [See link] Who is our target audience? Reprieve’s new website is being designed with supporters and future supporters as its primary audiences instead of lawyers and policy-makers (the target audience of the current site hen it was first developed). We do not have audience profiles to share but our analysis shows supporters fall into two broad audience types: 

  1. People - often women - who are over 60 years old, highly educated and are financially well-off. They are very active digitally and are most likely to convert to donors. Many have been supporting Reprieve for years and are the bedrock of our campaigns work. They often reference Clive Stafford Smith (our founder) when responding to campaign emails and respond to cases with compassion for individuals but disdain for countries. 
  2. People in their thirties who live in urban areas, are politically engaged and seek quick information that gives them key insights on important issues like those Reprieve works on, not necessarily restricted to death penalty work. They are a smaller (but growing) portion of our email list. They are less likely to share content but do take action and donate as they increase their income. 

What does success look like?  Success for this project Success for this project will come from the testing of visual assets and knowing that the visual identity selected for each of our four public facing campaign areas is effective in converting more mailing list sign ups and unifying our individual campaigns under four coherent and recognisable categories. Testing the asserts using Facebook advertising is an important part of this project and should be highlighted in any proposal.  Success for Reprieve The most obvious indicators of our success are donations, mailing list sign ups and social media reach (in that order of importance). We are aiming to raise £1m per year through digital by the end of 2021.  But to do this we need to grow our mailing list, widen our audience and engage people in our work though web content and campaigns.  We hope this project will help bring visual coherence and traction to our public facing campaigns and website. We expect the testing to show that the visual assets created will increase the conversion rates of our advertisements and therefore increase mailing list sign ups.  Scope of work

  • Brainstorm session with Reprieve’s Campaigns & Digital Team (max 6 people) to develop initial visual concepts
  • Proposal including at least two visual identities for each of the four campaign areas
  • Testing of simple assets conducted by agency and Reprieve to identify which visual identities will be most successful
  • Updating visual identities based on testing
  • Testing refined assets of winning visual identity for each of the four campaign areas
  • Update and deliver final assets for each campaign area, including original design files for all of the below and any other formats created with the understanding that we will own and re-use the images or parts of them:
    • Action background images (full screen)
    • Website banners (full screen width)
    • Facebook banner
    • Twitter banner
    • LinkedIn banner
    • Link preview images
    • Social media images (300x600 pixels and 600x600 pixels)
    • Roll out banner (850x2000 mm)
    • Other

What we’re looking for  We’re looking to work with a creative and collaborative agency willing to support an organisation of dedicated human rights defenders step up its use of visuals and make sure its social media visuals and new website distinguishes and explains the areas of work we campaign on publicly.  Your proposal for this project should include an overview of how you would manage this project, a proposed timeline and budget, and an overview of what experience (with links to relevant parts of your portfolio) makes you the right person or agency to lead on this work.  Timing  While the new Reprieve website is scheduled to be launched in October 2019, we realise this may be too tight a timeline for this project. We welcome a suggested timeline in your proposal but will prioritise those set in 2019.    Budget  We have a maximum budget of £15,000, inclusive of VAT.                 

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anywhere, UK
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Wednesday, October 9, 2019 - 10:00

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