Community management consultancy

Hiring Organisation: 
International IDAHO Committee

Short term Consultancy offer :  Strengthening a community of interest around campaigning 1        Context: The Sogicampaigns project aims at developing creative campaigning skills of activists for sexual and gender diversities. We are a very small team with 2 staff and a network of advisors. We work globally, with an essential focus on the global South and East. Our annual budget is around 50,000 € We have over the past years created a dynamic resource centre with over 150 case studies and numerous articles on campaign strategies, developed an online course on campaign communication, built a community of over 1800 members in all world regions and delivered training and mentoring to campaigners on all continents. This consultancy focuses on the specific strategies to strengthen and expand our community. We have so far focused our energies mainly on a Facebook group and we expected that a dynamic conversation would happen between activists. We acknowledge today that the impact of this strategy has not resulted in the expected outputs and we are seeking innovative advice on alternative/complementary approaches that would yield better results. 2        Objectives: We expect the consultant to conduct a rapid SWOT analysis of our current situation and to develop recommendations in view of strengthening and expanding our community so that it is more active, more vibrant, and brings more added value to its members. We expect the analysis and recommendations to focus on, i.a. :

  • The platform and tools that we use
  • The content that we edit, and specifically the connections/coherence between our community and the rest of the activities we develop
  • The engagement format we use
  • Our communication mode

The analysis should of course take into account the current COVID-19 situation but should have a broader focus on community building beyond this particular context. 3        Process:

  • Initial interview
  • Fine-tuning of ToR with sogicampaigns director
  • Contracting
  • Interviews with 2 key project managers
  • Interviews with 5-6 key community members
  • Writing up of draft report
  • Comments from sogicampaigns
  • Writing up of final report

4        Deliverables:

  • An interview frame for sogicampaigns managers
  • An interview frame for community members
  • Draft and final report along agreed final ToR, including summary of interviews, SWOT analysis and recommendations

5        Requirements:

  • Successful practice in building communities across several geographies
  • Strategic and innovative thinking
  • Working language will be limited to English

6        Budget, timeframe and timeline, application process: The timeframe is estimated to be: Joint finalisation of ToR ½ day Familiarisation with current content and communication strategies ½ day Preparation of interview frameworks ½ day Interviews of sogicampaigns managers ½ day Interviews of community members 1 day Draft report 2 days Final report 1 day TOTAL 6 days The full assignment is to be done remotely and should be completed one month after the contract date. Applicants should specify their daily rate. Budget will be determined upon examination of applications. Applications should contain a detailed profile of consultant(s) with indication on how they have approached community building in past assignments. Applications are to be sent before September 30, 2020 to Joel Bedos at The IDAHO Committee, which hosts the sogicampaigns project, is an equal opportunity employer and particularly welcomes applications from members of minority groups.

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anywhere, anywhere
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Closing date for applications: 
Thursday, October 1, 2020 - 23:59

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