Digital Campaigns Officer

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Digital Campaigns Officer Position Objective:To prepare and deliver the digital assets to support PETA's campaigns, including by overseeing e-mail marketing  Term of Employment:Full-time Reports to:Digital Marketing Manager Location: PETA's office near King's Cross, London Primary Responsibilities and Duties:• Inspire millions of people to take positive actions for animals by writing and revising compelling advocacy copy, including petitions, e-mail appeals, letters to politicians and other decision-makers, progress reports, and other campaigning materials• Deliver PETA's online campaigns by creating web content, including blog posts, features, action alerts, and mobile app updates, and carry out regular analysis of and reporting on web performance• Oversee PETA's e-mail marketing efforts in order to engage supporters with our campaigns and animal rights issues, including by writing, building, and sending e-mail marketing messages; segmenting audiences; and conducting split-testing campaigns• Track and report on e-mail campaigns in order to guide improvements, including by increasing open and click rates and ensuring compliance with current e-mail best practice• Monitor planning proposals for new factory farms, and coordinate campaigns to support local people in objecting to such facilities in their communities• Assist the digital marketing manager with e-mail list management, hygiene, and growth• Coordinate the UK delivery of international affiliate investigations, providing input on strategy and conducting research related to campaigns• Work as part of the digital marketing team to ensure that online campaigns are as effective as possible• Work closely with other teams to ensure the accuracy of digital content• Perform any other duties assigned by the supervisor Qualifications:• Strong writing skills, analytical experience, and an understanding of what will resonate with people online• Strong work ethic with a focus on efficiency, patience, exceptional attention to detail, a positive attitude, and innovative ideas• Previous experience in e-mail marketing, marketing automation, and reporting using web analytics • Intermediate knowledge of HTML• Intermediate knowledge of photo editing and/or web design• Experience with e-campaigning tools such as Engaging Networks preferred• Knowledge of the latest digital marketing trends• Knowledge of animal rights issues and PETA campaigns• Adherence to a vegan lifestyle strongly preferred• Ability to advocate the organisation's positions on issues to the public in a professional manner• Commitment to the objectives of the organisation Apply here.

experienced practitioner (an expert or specialist or a junior manager managing a few people)
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paid job within an organisation
Contract type: 
full time
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Job Location: 
London, England, UK
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Closing date for applications: 
Friday, March 13, 2020 - 23:59

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