Digital Transformation Expert

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Greenpeace International

About the role Greenpeace seek an expert in digital transformation to facilitate a discussion amongst the global community of NROs and GPI, to help us explore the opportunities presented by the implementation of the Hubspot technology into our ecosystem, and to articulate and get clear agreement on a set of principles, processes, and desired outcomes that will inform the project to roll-out this platform. This expert will be expected to quickly become acquainted with the programmatic goals and strategic framework within which Greenpeace is seeking to operate, in particular building from the work of the Technology Vision project, and to place any recommendations within the context of these wider aspirations. They will also need to display an understanding of how globally defined concepts and common approaches for digital transformation will need to be adapted for the unique needs of each NRO as they undergo their own individual transformation processes. Deliverables

  • Work with the project coordinator to identify and gather together a representative group of NRO personnel to form a working group to discuss digital transformation, ensuring a balance of skills and perspectives, from practitioners to business leaders
  • Liaise as necessary with technical experts at Greenpeace and the various product vendors to develop a clear understanding of the opportunities and limitations associated with the global engagement systems, and an awareness of how they might best be integrated
  • Act as a facilitator for a digital transformation conversation with the working group, providing thought leadership and deep expertise on best practices and guiding methodologies in this area, over a series of regular virtual meetings
  • Establish through this process a set of realistic and achievable outcomes for digital transformation that can be delivered within the bounds of the Hubspot project, and outline a clear set of expectations from both GPI and participating NROs required to achieve this
  • Produce documentation/collateral that captures the findings of this discussion which can then be utilised to ensure that we consistently deliver these desired outcomes across all implementations, acknowledging that the precise steps in the process may be different from one NRO to another

Timeframe The digital transformation conversation is expected to act as a framing for the Hubspot project, both initialising and running in tandem with the first wave of implementations. Initial group set-up and framing of the discussion is expected to happen​ in Oct 2020, with the group persisting until the end of the year​, allowing the conversation to inform and be informed by the learnings from these “wave one” implementations. It is expected that the working group would disband at this point, leaving behind a clear set of well documented protocols and deliverables that will be implemented through the remaining phases of the Hubspot project. Opportunities to extend the digital transformation conversation beyond Hubspot and through the whole digital program are expected to become available via the Technology Vision project for some priority NROs, and while separate from this initiative, the outcomes from our work may naturally feed into such discussions. Resourcing This engagement is seen as a short term consultancy, likely to require 1-2 days of input per week over the period, approx 20 days in total. We are open to receiving alternate ideas and submissions as to the required level of resource to deliver on the stated aims. Desired outcome We are clear in the ways that we expect the Hubspot Platform to allow Greenpeace to be more efficient in relations with its supporters. For example:

  • how we will set-up advanced marketing automation features that enable users to easily set-up complex supporter journeys
  • how engagement scoring models might best be set up across our tools to improve audience understanding
  • what are the critical elements and priorities in passing data easily between the different systems (i.e. DMP and CRM)
  • how all elements of the solution (email, petitions, donations, etc.) will work seamlessly together
  • what we need to do to ensure ease of use for different level of user skills, and a strategy for defining who will use the tool(s)
  • ○where are how we will best implement integrations with other tools, to achieve best business benefits

There is buy-in from the NRO community for the proposed transformation pathway, and we see enthusiasm and determination to incorporate this into the work of the Hubspot project Desirable skills

  • Experience in leading digital transformation, ideally in the context of global non-profit organisations
  •  Particular knowledge of digital marketing and the capabilities of cutting edge technology in this area (Hubspot experience ideal)
  •  Strong organisational and stakeholder engagement skills

About Greenpeace Greenpeace is a global federation of 28 independent national/regional offices (NROs), with a coordinating and supporting body, Greenpeace International (GPI) headquartered in the Netherlands. The Engagement Systems team at GPI provide a portfolio of “global shared systems” for supporter engagement, selected and implemented with a mindset to deliver an integrated ecosystem of technology (see appendix) to maximise our campaigning impact. This ecosystem vision remains achievable but aspirational, with some technologies in an emergent phase, primarily the data lake, and a somewhat fractured landscape of uptake of the various endpoint systems amongst the NRO community. Over the course of 2020 there has been a review of the global shared system for digital marketing and a decision was made to implement a new platform in this space, Hubspot, with a global roll-out to commence in Q4 2020 and expected to incorporate 12-15 NROs over a 12 month project. This represents a huge opportunity to not just replace new technology for old, but to use this moment to embrace the full possibilities for digital transformation that can be leveraged from the new tool and how it is integrated into the overall ecosystem of “engagement systems”. We want to make sure that we maximise this opportunity to review and improve the way we work and to implement this new technology in a way that creates the greatest possible impact for our organisational goals. See more See the original brief at

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anywhere, anywhere
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Sunday, November 1, 2020 - 22:59

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