LawBite is a simple online service designed to take the time, expense and pain out of writing and agreeing legal contracts - the lifeblood of any business.

If you've ever read, or reviewed a contract you'll know its a pretty tedious task which involves sifting through professional jargon to figure out what exactly the lawyers are talking about and if you agree with it.

Unlike most legal services LawBite specialise in making contracts simple to understand by writing them in conversational english, which can be read by normal human beings. They'll even translate existing contacts into plain and simple english if you like! Why didn't someone tell us about this sooner!?

LawBite have a huge library of over 80 pre-written legal documents covering: contracts, confidentiality, disputes, employment, funding, shares, IP, joint ventures, licensing, media, property, software, trading, services, T&Cs and pretty much anything else you could need.

You can either pick and pay for the documents you need, or subscribe for a year for £99+vat to get access to the entire library. Once you've found the document you need you can make changes and share it online so that edits can be approved by a client and reviewed by a legal expert, if you need. The service also includes a free e-signing and cloud storage service, avoiding the need for anyone to print things out.

LawBite also provide negotiators to help close deals or settle disputes, which is handy for those tricky "not 100% sure situations" when normally you'd have to "wing it" or pay "through the nose" for a lawyer or solicitor.

We're huge fans of LawBite because their services save time and money for small businesses and sole traders in need of legal advice.

As part of our competition three lucky readers have the chance to win a year's unlimited access to their services absolutely FREE! This will get you:

  • Unlimited access to their growing library of plain English legal documents
  • Unlimited access to their cloud-hosted editing and sharing tools
  • Two free legal advice sessions with expert UK solicitors and barristers
  • And free e-signing on downloaded or uploaded documents

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