Public Affairs Officer

£27,000 per annum
Hiring Organisation: 
Independent Age

Job PurposeTo ensure that Independent Age’s policy positions and campaigns are effectively communicated to governmentand parliamentarians. To secure support for these campaigns across a wider group of stakeholders, in particularlocal decision makers. To ensure that older people have a voice in Parliament. Main Duties Parliamentary work1. Deliver Independent Age’s public affairs activities, ensuring we have an effective presence and profile inParliament, across Whitehall and with local decision makers2. Support the charity to build effective relationships with parliamentarians, senior civil servants, specialadvisers and MPs’ researchers3. Manage and oversee Independent Age’s involvement in party political conferences and other policy andcampaigns events4. Help draft and input into Select Committee submissions5. Manage relationships with key suppliers to ensure relevant parliamentary work is effectively monitored Influencing1. Deliver Independent Age’s local influencing activity including planning constituency-based events andbuilding relationships with local authorities and NHS trusts, working closely with campaigns and servicescolleagues2. Contribute to Independent Age’s wide ranging external affairs work, representing the charity at conferencesand meetings3. Identify opportunities for getting Independent Age’s policy and campaigns work addressed in legislation orparliamentary debates that affect older people4. Establish and maintain an effective network of contacts with key stakeholders as a way of intelligencegathering, using customer relationship management processes to help target communications5. Work with colleagues to help build a successful programme of campaigning activities that secure thesupport of influential stakeholders6. Respond to media enquiries, working with colleagues to help communicate Independent Age positions inresponse to key political and policy developments Involving older people1. Work with colleagues to ensure that older people have a voice in our public affairs work, identifyingopportunities for them to take part in influencing activities

junior (entry level, intern, apprentice, minimal experience)
Job type: 
paid job within an organisation
Contract type: 
full time
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Job Location: 
London, England, UK
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Closing date for applications: 
Monday, April 2, 2018 - 12:00

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