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Perfecting your elevator pitch

What would you say if you bumped into Alan Sugar in a lift? Would you manage to secure a valuable business connection? Or just mumble an awkward “hello”?

OK, so you might not want to work for Alan Sugar but the concept remains the same: networking opportunities are everywhere and you should make the most of them. With an elevator pitch at the ready you will be prepared for chance encounters which could boost, or kick-start, your career.


meet Generation Change

Generation Change is the independent voice of the youth social action sector in the UK, but what exactly does that mean and what do they do!?

In a nutshell Generation Change is all about ensuring quality social action opportunities exist for young people, whatever age they are.


Ethical Hacking jobs

You have probably heard of ethical hacking but what does an ethical hacker actually do? And how can hacking be ethical anyway!?

Ethical Hacking can be one of the most rewarding jobs if you enjoy testing computer systems to their limits and you could earn from £33,000 to £66,000 in your first year.

From Hactivists to Elites and Grey hats to White hats, here’s what you need to know about ethical hacking.


Graduates: How to boost your CV

Want a job? Not sure if you’ve got any of the skills employers are looking for? You do! You just don’t realise it...

This excellent new tool from YouthNet is designed to help you turn your everyday life into swanky looking skills you can put on your CV. It's super simple to use and even if you don't want to take all their advice you're bound find a few new ideas which could help improve your CV.


Development Jobs are Changing the World

Have you ever wondered what you could do to reduce world hunger or end poverty? If so, you might want to consider a development job working for an international development agency or charity, which are often described as ‘Third Sector Jobs’.

With a variety of career paths now open to people interested in helping make the world a better place, development jobs are more prevalent than ever, offering exciting opportunities in comparison to standard corporate 9 to 5 jobs.


How do you find a job you’ll love that will love you back?

This article explores the route to feeling passionate about what you do. Most of us can feel passionate about a particular “cause”; but to enjoy working towards that cause, we need to use our strengths or we risk boredom or burn out, however aligned we are to the bigger goal.


Top 10 Tips for Staying Zen at Work

So you finally found a “real” job, and now you have all these things to juggle. Somehow, you’re expected to balance a thriving social life with a go-getting, high-achieving career which, before you know it, gets you stressed.


Managing your online reputation

The following is a guest post from Dan Monsieurle at ThinkWall.

Sometimes when I’m alone I Google myself

A lot of CVs cross my desk. Typically I look for relevant experience, then for skills, and lastly at the candidate’s education. The next step is always a Google search to see what else can I find out that will filter my list of favourites. Here’s what I look for:


Pitching a new idea: Alastair Wilson

In this video Alastair Wilson explains how he pitched to a room of potential investors and how the next lady pitched after him - and why she won! Valuable lessons for any budding social entrepreneur, or in fact any one who wants to get ahead in their current role or business. To learn more about this topic read our article on perfecting your elevator pitch.



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