Advisory Board Member

This is an unpaid voluntary position.
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Digital Action

Recognising that communities experiencing the greatest impact from the online world on their rights are those that are already vulnerable or marginalised, our vision for the Advisory Board is that it be a diverse, skilled, committed and highly-respected group of individuals who provide oversight and strategic advice to ensure the Digital Action team is equipped to deliver its mission and organisational strategy. As Digital Action continues to grow as an organisation we are refining our strategy, goals and added value to the digital democracy and rights sector, and in 2021 Digital Action is aiming to establish itself as an independent organisation in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. As a result, one of our key priorities over 2021 is to renew and expand the Advisory Board in part to help us in this ongoing process, as well as to support our work in the UK, EU and around the world. Below are the range of skills and experience that we’re looking for, although please consider this as a menu, not a list of requirements. We're currently looking for two new advisory board members, so we do NOT expect any one Advisory Board member to have ALL of these covered: > You have an in-depth understanding of the debates and dilemmas around tech policy, democracy and human rights, and you are open-minded about the best way to resolve these dilemmas to strengthen democracy and protect and uphold rights online. > You have experience in catalysing change through holding governments and companies to account and are convinced of the need for smart collaborations to have impact. > You have extensive and diverse existing connections and credibility with civil society, policy-makers, the private sector, the media, or people whose voices are systematically marginalised in the digital democracy and rights space. At this time we are particularly interested in those with connections in the UK and/or Brussels and the EU, but also welcome Expressions of Interest from those with additional connections in the Middle East, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, South and Southeast Asia, or South America. > You have experience with small but growing organisations, leading or overseeing them as they go through complex governance, management, financial management and administration and legal changes, with a particular preference for experience in the UK context . > You are driven by purpose, not personal glory: you recognise the power and privilege of working for social justice and democracy, and strive for the most impact, and work in an active and constructive way, acting in a spirit of equality, partnership and transparency. Responsibilities: The Advisory Board will support Digital Action’s Leadership team by:

  • Contributing to the development and implementation of Digital Action’s strategy, providing feedback to and supporting the Senior Management Team (SMT) in fulfilling Digital Action’s goals, and helping us to refine our model.
  • Advising on how to build Digital Action as a sustainable, independent organisation, and the development and implementation of Digital Action’s fundraising strategy.
  • Helping to build our credibility within the civil society, media, and policy networks that are necessary to achieving our goals.
  • Providing practical support and advice to the Executive Director and SMT as required.

Expected activities of Advisory Board members:

  • Actively participating in Advisory Board meetings and/or calls, which will be held four times a year.
  • Joining Extraordinary Advisory Board meetings and/or calls as requested by the Executive Director.
  • Being available for approximately two hours a month to action any tasks agreed in the Ordinary or Extraordinary meetings, or to provide guidance or support for the ED or the SMT.
  • Making introductions to help build relationships with key external stakeholders, including donors and partners, and functioning as an active ambassador for Digital Action.

Practicalities of the Role: > The Advisory Board is not a legal board of directors. The Advisory Board shall always remain an informal advisory body to Digital Action, and members hold no binding legal, contractual or financial responsibility for Digital Action or its staff or consultants. When Digital Action is established as an independent organisation we will require legal directors, but there is no presumption that Advisory Board members would take on those roles. > Membership of the Advisory Board is voluntary and unpaid. However, while we are currently operating remotely, reasonable and pre-agreed travel expenses will be paid to enable Members to travel to face-to-face meetings if required in future. > Membership of the Advisory Board is for two years, with a one year break clause. > Prior to joining the Advisory Board, members are required to sign non-disclosure and conflict of interest agreements and review their responsibilities

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, anywhere
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Sunday, October 17, 2021 - 00:00

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