Competition update

By Oliver Sylvester-Bradley on 4 Feb 2015 - 18:59

The launch competition has now closed, thanks to everyone who took part.
We have emailed all the winners and we hope you enjoy your prizes! Do let us know what you think of your free gifts when they arrive and what you do with them, we love hearing your feedback.

We'd also like to say a big thank you to all our partners, without whom the competition would not have been possible:

  • My Green Pod: The online Hub promoting a greener future.
  • Permaculture: The UK's bestselling international green/environmental magazine.
  • Positive News: The world’s first publication dedicated to reporting positive developments taking place worldwide.
  • Solar Aid: The international charity that combats poverty and climate change.
  • Vintage Roots: The organic wine people.
  • Abundance: The online investment platform that makes it easy for individuals to invest in renewable energy projects.
  • Ecotricity: The world’s first Green Electricity company.
  • PoZu: The award-winning shoe company.

There were some great entries and we have already heard from some of the lucky winners:

Jess, who won the permaculture course said she's:

Totally chuffed. I'm very interested in permaculture and have wanted to attend one of the courses  for a while now but haven't been able to afford it so this is just lovely.

Cody, who scored the most Network Points for referring others and being generally very active on the site, won the £250 to invest with Abundance.

Simon, who defined "A good job" as

one that gets you out of bed in the morning, and when you return to bed the world is a better place.

got the most votes for his definition and won £150 to spend in the Ecotopia store He said:

Wahay!! That's wonderful news!
it's refreshing to find a site specializing in positions at "Good" companies / organisations from all backgrounds and industries - I've recommended a few of your listings to like-minded friends.

Laurie, who won the Sun King Pro, from Solar Aid said:

I'm delighted to win the Sun King Pro - you've made my week! It looks like a really impressive and exciting bit of kit :) 
I'll be re-training as an outdoor educator this year so I'm sure I'll be putting it to use soon. I mentioned it to my housemate and she's keen to buy one so I imagine we'll both be Sun King evangelists in no time! 

There was so much more positive feedback we don't have space to mention everyone but rest assured, we will be analysing all the definitions and will publish an update on what the Elevator members think "A good job is…" in the next few days.

Thanks to everyone who took part.

Love from Oli and the team at Elevator