Earn money by helping your friends get ethical jobs

By Oliver Sylvester-Bradley on 30 Mar 2016 - 16:14

Elevator is now offering members the chance to earn money by referring friends and colleagues to specific jobs.

The idea is simple: See a job that suits someone you know, refer them to the site using the simple form on the right hand side of the job advert and if they get the role, you get paid. So now you can find an ethical job, promote yourself as a freelancer and earn money from connecting your friends whilst you're job hunting!

Elevator will continue to promote a carefully curated collection of ethical jobs throughout the UK but jobs with "bounties" associated with them will be clearly highlighted in the job listings.

Now everyone is a headhunter!

The more people we can encourage into ethical jobs the faster we can achieve our mission to "make the world a better place" and to do that we need to harness the power of the network. Elevator is made up of thousands of awesome, ethical and conscientious people, who are all connected to hundreds and thousands of other would-be world changers so, if members of the network can help us achieve our mission by referring their friends we think it's only fair to share the rewards with them.

Everyone knows someone who wants a better job, right?
Well, now you can get paid for helping them find a job they love!

If you're not a member of Elevator already, sign up now, check out which listings have "bounties" and start referring your friends and colleagues to the jobs they might like.

In order to deliver high quality referrals we only allow members to invite 3 friends per role so make sure you think carefully about who you invite to ensure they are really suited to the role and don't just think you're spamming them!