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Development Jobs are Changing the World

Have you ever wondered what you could do to reduce world hunger or end poverty? If so, you might want to consider a development job working for an international development agency or charity, which are often described as ‘Third Sector Jobs’.

With a variety of career paths now open to people interested in helping make the world a better place, development jobs are more prevalent than ever, offering exciting opportunities in comparison to standard corporate 9 to 5 jobs.


Why Green Jobs Matter

What exactly is a ‘green job’? The US Bureau of Labour Statistics identified green jobs as

establishments that produce green goods and services and […] establishments that use environmentally friendly production processes and practices.

Top 10 Tips for Staying Zen at Work

So you finally found a “real” job, and now you have all these things to juggle. Somehow, you’re expected to balance a thriving social life with a go-getting, high-achieving career which, before you know it, gets you stressed.


Charity jobs in the UK

The role of charities is now more important than ever. Whilst corporate greed drives the commercial world forward, a small but significant 2.8% of the UK workforce have dedicated their careers to charity jobs.

Often know as “the third sector”, or “non-profit sector” charity jobs and people working in charities are a significant part of the government’s Big Society agenda, making now the perfect time to enter the sector.