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Find your passion to find your dream job

In his free eBook "Zen to Done", Leo Babauta explains what he calls "the ultimate productivity system." It's a good read, full of lots of practical advice but the chapter which caught our eye was the one on "Finding your passion". At Elevator we are constantly encouraging people to follow their passion but what use is that if you don't know what your passion is!?

Here's what Leo has to say about finding your passion and working on something you love. Let us know if you think his advice helps?


How to maximise your chances of succeeding at interview - The inside job

Landing an interview is hard work and when the moment comes you need to be fully prepared. Interview competition is always tough and you need to have every trick in the book stuffed up your sleeve to maximise your chances of success.

So, how can you avoid being beaten to a new role, especially if you're up against a mate of the boss in the age old "jobs for the boys" routine?

In truth it's never easy but if you've got an interview you've got your foot in the door and, with a little research and networking magic, you'll be perfect placed to swing things in your favour.


A good job is all about helping people and the planet

The definitions we're submitted, the votes were cast and the results have been counted. Here's what the members of the Good Job Network had to say about what "A good job is…" in our January 2015 launch competition. The winners have all been notified and many have received their prizes already :)

Over 190 people provided unique definitions explaining what they think "A good job is…" and over 330 votes were cast on those definitions.

The definition with the most votes was from Simon who said, a good job is:


Competition update

The launch competition has now closed, thanks to everyone who took part.
We have emailed all the winners and we hope you enjoy your prizes! Do let us know what you think of your free gifts when they arrive and what you do with them, we love hearing your feedback.

We'd also like to say a big thank you to all our partners, without whom the competition would not have been possible:


A good job is... shaping up

The "Good job is..." launch competition has only been running for a couple of weeks and already we have had hundreds of entries.

People have been searching and finding the definitions from our partners and providing their own definitions for what "A good job is..."

The answers are starting to take on some common themes which we've summarised in the image below.


The key to happiness at work

Are you happy with your job? Are you happy with what your job involves? Considering most of us spend as much time at work as asleep, or out having fun, these seem like important questions!


What is "A good Job"?

At Elevator we believe that if more people had good jobs, focused on making the world a better place, then the world would actually be a better place to live!