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Competition time - Will you win in 2015?

Whilst everyone else in the world is busying away with Christmas, the Elevator elves have been focussing on the new year, which promises to be an exciting time.

Not only are we all fired up to deal with the rush as everyone thinks about new year's resolutions but we're also planning a super-exciting online competition with the chance for you to win some amazing FREE prizes from some of the UK's leading ethical brands!


Everyone is a freelancer

If you're looking for a job, you're a freelancer. You may not know it yet and you may not want to be a freelancer, but by default you are and it's a good thing.


Because whilst you're looking for a job you have the perfect opportunity to gain valuable experience, boost your CV, and earn some extra cash by doing temporary, freelance work.


Forget the career ladder and the job for life. Work to learn, experiment and elevate yourself

Picking a career is scary! You might get it wrong...

I remember being asked all through my child hood "what do you want to be when you grow up?" It seemed like a fun question to start with, but by the time I got to sixteen I was worried. I didn't know the answer. Careers fairs and advisors never helped, they just made the decision sound even more final, as if I only had one chance to pick the perfect career and if I messed up my qualifications, or made the wrong choice, my life would not be worth living.


Whatever you dream you can do, begin it now!

Welcome to the Elevator blog.

We're super excited to have launched our mission to help you find good jobs.

To kick off the blog we thought we'd remind you of this superb, inspirational quote, which should probably be part of any job seeker's, freelancer's or prospective business owner's tool kit.