Business Developer

Hiring Organisation: 

About the role In this role, you would likely need to approach charitites, unions, political parties and beyond to

  1. Identify who the right people via your network or via other networks like ECF, events, LinkedIn, etc.
  2. Contact them to establish if they are wish to talk about their needs; about specific offerings it seems they could use or about offerings that are available from those who are participating in offering serices via your work
  3. Connect them with the right people who have the skills and knowledge that matches their needs
  4. Ensure the process continues until there is a decision (=sales support)
  5. Follow up to ensure the project is happening and is going well

Consultants and freelancers would need to be wiling to offer services through this role, and be willing to pay for them so that you get paid! Thus an early task is to create an offering that other consultants and freelancers and would wish to be part of. Initially, the first project to find clients for would be:

  2. FairSay

I'd love to talk to you if you think you would do well at this role and how it is made worthwhile for you.

Job type: 
Org Type: 
company (including b-corp)
Job Location: 
anywhere, UK
Location type: 
Closing date for applications: 
Monday, October 15, 2018 - 18:00

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