Call for Tenders: Scoping for Website and Online Community Redevelopment

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ISEAL Alliance

  Scoping for Website and Online Community Redevelopment Call for Tenders – March, 2017 Deadline for submissions: 24 March, 2017             Project timeline: 3-28 April, 2017 Background ISEAL is the global membership association for credible sustainability standards.  We have a vibrant learning community of members and subscribers and reach a global audience through our communications and outreach.  We are seeking a consultant to provide us with options about how we can best update our online presence to serve a number of complementary functions.  This small, scoping contract is intended to inform a decision about how to move forward with full implementation of the redevelopment. Currently, ISEAL has a website in Drupal 5 that has both a public facing side and a login community facing side.  The community side enables access to resources and has interactive functions enabling users to upload resources, post blogs, comment, etc.  We are increasingly tracking information about our community engagement and outreach through Salesforce.  We also use a variety of off the shelf social and communications tools internally and externally, e.g. Slack, Mailchimp, Hootsuite, Salesforce Chatter. Our driving motivation for a redevelopment is the need to update our website platform for mobile functionality, to stay abreast of best web trends, and because our Drupal language will be unsupported soon.  In doing that we would like to take a holistic look at how to better structure our online presence to manage for a number distinct functions.  These include having a public facing, globally relevant website; a compliance framework with our members (uploading and downloading documents, tracking, reporting, etc.); a platform on which to build a vibrant online community; and an easy to access and searchable portal for our resources. We recognise that these functions can be achieved through one or multiple tools and platforms, and that interoperability between tools is critical.  We are seeking a consultant to develop an understanding of our current context based on key staff interviews, and to provide advice and scenarios for which tool or combination of tools would best serve our needs, balancing factors such as cost of deployment and ongoing maintenance, ease of use and maintenance, interoperability, etc. Experience The successful contractor will have a thorough knowledge of a wide range of online tools and platforms including CMS for web and online, other tools that integrated with websites (such as Mailchimp, PayPal, Eventbrite, Zapier, etc), Salesforce and other information management platforms, and community engagement tools such as Slack.  The contractor will be able to draw on this knowledge and industry connections to understand the cost, feasibility and integration options of different combinations of tools. Deliverables                          Through this contract, the contractor will prepare a brief report with three options for a platform or combination of platforms and tools which best enable us to achieve our objectives while ensuring interoperability between tools.  The report will include at least the following information in comparing the different scenarios:

  • Functionality
  • Cost – initial outlay and ongoing
  • Customisation and scalability
  • User friendly interface (including ease of moderation/facilitation)
  • Interoperability
  • Meaningful reporting or analysis

The report is intended to provide ISEAL with enough information to make an informed decision about which suite of tools to move forward with.  It should also include recommendations on key considerations for successful development and deployment of the respective scenarios.  The report format is at the discretion of the contractor. This report and its results will help ISEAL build out the additional timeframe and TORs for the process of redeveloping the web site and online community.  Methodology and Timeframe The contract will be undertaken between 3 and 28 April, 2017. The successful contractor(s) will be responsible to Lara Koritzke, ISEAL’s Communications and Development Director.  At the outset of the project, ISEAL will provide a more complete list of the desired functionality that should be considered in the analysis of tools and platforms. Interested parties should submit to ISEAL at the email address below:

  • a summary of their knowledge of online platforms and social media tools;
  • work experience, including references from related work; and
  • a proposed budget.

Contractors should declare all potential conflicts of interest. The total budget should include incidentals such as communications expenses and any applicable taxes. Contractor travel is not anticipated. ISEAL has allocated up to 4,000 Euros in total for this contract. The deadline for submissions is 24 March, 2017. Tenders can be submitted by email to ISEAL reserves the right not to accept any tender submitted. This scoping project is funded through a partnership ISEAL has with the UK government.

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anywhere, anywhere
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Friday, March 24, 2017 - 23:00

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