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By Natasha Warby on 21 Jul 2015 - 15:55
charity jobs

The role of charities is now more important than ever. Whilst corporate greed drives the commercial world forward, a small but significant 2.8% of the UK workforce have dedicated their careers to charity jobs.

Often know as “the third sector”, or “non-profit sector” charity jobs and people working in charities are a significant part of the government’s Big Society agenda, making now the perfect time to enter the sector.

Charity jobs are also rewarding in ways that the regular 9-to-5 often fails to be, as mentioned in our previous post, working in the charity sector is also great for your health. Volunteering England’s report on the impact of volunteering and health has found clear evidence that

volunteering can increase volunteers’ longevity, improve their mental health, and keep them fitter

In Deloitte’s 2015 Millennial Survey, 47% of social media savvy millennials placed a high priority on businesses improving society and protecting the environment. A staggering three quarters of those surveyed believe that

businesses are too fixated on their own agendas and not focused enough on helping to improve society

And this is why charity jobs are becoming key. A new, more socially conscious, generation is entering the work force, and the opportunity to take part in work that is geared towards providing help and support to those in need is extremely appealing. The Nexus Youth Summit is championing this new work ethic, saying:

The world is at a crossroads. Social and environmental tensions are growing. Technology has made the global village increasingly inter-connected and inter-dependent. People everywhere are seeking transformative ideas, new resources and new leadership to ensure a peaceful and sustainable future.

Charity jobs are now at the forefront of a global way of thinking and living, and there has never been a more exciting time to get involved and help make the world a better place.

average earnings by role in the charity jobs sector[5]:

Role Salary
Chief executive £71,070
Director £67,500
Senior function head £52,839
Function head £44,792
Department/section manager £37,479
Senior specialist staff £30,900
Specialist staff £23,172
Junior specialist staff £18,871
Trainee specialist staff £15,291
Trainee non-professional staff £13,661

For more detail on funding, the number of charities, where they are and where they operate check out the House of Commons report, from 12 December 2014 on Charity jobs, social action & the voluntary sector: statistics


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