Communications Officer

£22,000-£27,000 depending on level and type of experience
Hiring Organisation: 
Full Fact

Full Fact is the UK’s independent factchecking organisation. The political turbulence of the past five years has transformed Full Fact’s reach and profile. Until our first crowdfunding campaign at the 2015 election, we had no idea how much demand there is for unbiased, reliable information. Two years later, we’ve raised £175,000 in crowdfunding, served seven million people directly through our site, reached millions more through the media and social media, and accepted thousands of hours of volunteer time in the name of accurate public debate. Interest in factchecking certainly picks up during elections. But this influx of support is also partly down to the seven years we’ve spent building trust among our subscribers and donors by having two way conversations, being transparent about our funding, linking to our sources, and admitting when we make mistakes. Now we want to take this a step further. We’re looking for someone who can grow our exceptionally engaged and committed supporter base, and get them sharing and donating, and advocating for facts out in the real world and online. This is an opportunity to work with a smart, close-knit, tech-savvy team. You’ll have a lot of responsibility and opportunities to grow. You’ll be part of creating a new, fresh brand of transparency at a high-profile organisation with a track record of achieving things people said would never happen. Description of the role Over several years, build Full Fact’s capacity to engage the public on a large scale, starting with communicating better and regularly about what Full Fact gets up to and why, whilst maintaining our strong reputation for neutrality and independence. You will advocate for our principles to our online and offline audiences, act as our supporters’ voice in the office, and translate our complex policy work into updates and arguments which anyone can engage with regardless of their level of education, political knowledge or political engagement.  What you'll be doing You will be responsible for delivering the following outcomes:

  • Within two months, produce and execute a plan for engagement that turns first-time users into supporters, supporters into donors, and one off donors into regular donors (including setting goals, evaluation and tailored communications to segments of subscribers)
  • Within twelve months, double the number of Full Fact regular donors (from 500 to 1,000)
  • From the first month, ensure we have regular communications that make donors and supporters feel valued, then develop this to deliver the overall engagement plan above
  • Within three months, introduce a programme of active transparency about Full Fact, through blogs and multimedia formats: making it easy to find out how we factcheck, why we use certain sources, where our funding comes from, how we monitor neutrality, etc
  • Within six months, master donor admin including gift aid, refunds and disputes, and provide regular useful reports for internal use
  • Within six months, set up a system to solicit and triage audience requests and feed this and other audience insight into the editorial process
  • Within six months, plan and prepare a crowdfunding campaign to run at 24 hours’ notice in the event of a snap election

What we’re looking for

  • Ability to write fluently and engagingly for a general audience
  • Ability to tell stories in a compelling, respectful way that moves people to action
  • Strong camera and Adobe Premier Pro / Photoshop skills
  • Experience of or clear capacity to build a community with shared values and high levels of engagement
  • Experience with any of: Mailchimp, Facebook Business and Adverts Manager, Twitter, Google adwords, a CRM like Donorfy or CiviCRM
  • Comfortable analysing Google, Twitter, Facebook, Mailchimp analytics and acting on findings


  • Work or volunteer experience campaigning in the context of citizenship or democracy NGOs
  • Experience using GoCardless, Stripe, Paypal
  • Experience planning and running crowdfunding campaigns
  • Experience using Periscope or Live video

Salary and holiday £22,000-£27,000 depending on level and type of experience 25 days annually plus public holidays and discretionary Christmas holiday How to apply We don’t have any preconceptions about the kind of candidate we’re looking for and we welcome candidates from a range of backgrounds with different types of experience. If you are interested in applying but not sure you have all the skills, please do apply and try to make a case.  Please read about our standards and neutrality before applying here: Please send a covering letter and CV to Phoebe Arnold via Please say where you saw the job advertised.  In your cover letter please include an example of something in video or graphic format which you were responsible for making and which you are proud of, and explain what it was for and what it achieved. The application deadline is 10am, Monday 27th November. Interviews will take place on Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th December. Please let us know if you are not available on these dates.

junior (entry level, intern, apprentice, minimal experience)
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paid job within an organisation
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full time
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Job Location: 
London, England, UK
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Closing date for applications: 
Monday, November 27, 2017 - 10:00

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