Community Organiser

£25,000 - £26,000
Hiring Organisation: 
Safe Passage

This is a demanding, internally and externally-facing role that requires an ability to:

  • Apply organising principles and experience to strengthen and grow the ability of safe passage supporters and community groups to advance and win change
  • Develop and maintain excellent relationships with supporters, volunteers and stakeholders
  • Work in a networked structure across different locations and build strong relationships remotely
  • Apply national campaign strategies to a local level context to advance advocacy goals
  • Utilise digital technology to support the participation and power of groups and supporters
  • Design and deliver trainings

Key areas of responsibility:

  • Lead the development of grassroots groups, supporters and institutions involved in Safe Passage campaigns into a powerful action-oriented network capable of winning change
  • Organise and manage monthly supporter meetings to coordinate supporter activity and national strategy, developing the leadership of participants and growing membership
  • Serve as the Safe Passage focal point for relationships with faith institutions, coordinating their involvement in Safe Passage activities
  • Ensure Safe Passage campaign activities are coordinated and collaborating with other organisations in the space to maximise impact.
  • Work as part of the Safe Passage Campaigns team to ensure grassroots supporters and institutions are central in the development and implementation of campaign strategy • Collaborate with colleagues across the organisation to ensure supporters and stakeholders are kept informed of Safe Passage’s operational work and identify opportunities where local advocacy by supporters could assist operational priorities.
  • Identify campaigning opportunities and develop creative approaches to capitalise on them
  • Work with colleagues to ensure digital communications enable and enhance opportunities of Refugee Welcome groups to campaign and build power
  • Work closely with colleagues to ensure refugee and other affected communities are involved in and consistently leading our campaigning and advocacy
  • Plan and conduct trainings for campaigners to improve campaigning skills and improve policy and political understanding
  • Assist in raising further income for campaigning within Safe Passage.

Skills and behaviours

  • Holds themselves accountable for managing competing priorities, managing resources efficiently, and role modelling Safe Passage values
  • Highly motivated by Safe Passage’s charitable mission and values
  • Develops and encourages new and innovative solutions in campaigning
  • Future-oriented, thinks strategically and ambitiously
  • Focused on the growth and development of others
  • Clear ability to understand other people’s perspective and address concerns and needs
  • Builds and maintains effective relationships with colleagues, supporters and external partners
  • Approachable, good listener, easy to talk to with the ability to stay neutral as needed
  • Values diversity, sees it as a source of competitive strength
  • Honest, encourages openness and transparency; demonstrates highest levels of integrity
  • Act in a professional manner, and exhibit behaviour to act as an example to other employees

Experience and skills

  • Understanding of organising principles and experience of using them to campaign. (R)
  • Strong political knowledge and experience engaging politicians at local and national level. (R)
  • Ability to work flexibly in a team, and to adjust work plan and priorities rapidly in response to external opportunities (R)
  • Demonstrated ability to organise creative and strategic interventions in support of campaign objectives. (R)
  • Ability to work in a cross-cultural environment. (R)
  • Experience working within the ‘Refugees Welcome movement’ and with key institutional stakeholders. (D)
  • Experience of a networked, cross-national organisational structure (D)
experienced practitioner (an expert or specialist or a junior manager managing a few people)
Job type: 
paid job within an organisation
Contract type: 
full time
Org Type: 
Job Location: 
London, England, UK
Location type: 
Closing date for applications: 
Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - 23:30

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