Data Scientist

Hiring Organisation: 
Accessible Intelligence

Overview Charities accumulate large amounts of data about interactions with their supporters; but are generally ill equipped to use this information strategically. Accessible Intelligence has developed the most advanced application of machine learning to help charities use data to help them reach strategic marketing goals (e.g. increasing their monthly donation amount.) We are expanding our initial launch product to build more sophisticated models, and we are expanding our services to tackle a wider range of problems. The Role This data scientist role involves working alongside the existing team to further develop our machine-learning platform. This involves using historical transactional and classification data to predict what charity supporters are likely to engage with to best to achieve a specific goal. In this role you will apply your expertise in machine learning to improve the effectiveness of charity digital engagement. For this role, you will need to have knowledge and experience using standard scientific python libraries including, numpy, scipy, pandas, etc. and knowledge of data scraping and preparation techniques. Some knowledge of machine learning (in at least one common library/framework) and full machine learning workflows would be great. The existing tech stack uses Python on top of AWS, Linux and Apache Spark, knowledge of these technologies would be good but is not essential. A strong background in physical sciences/statistics/mathematics would be a good foundation. Basic Linux/Unix command line and SQL (MySQL) familiarity would be useful. In this project you will learn about applying machine learning (ML) to help improve the effectiveness of charity digital engagement. You will play a valuable role in the development of a cutting-edge software application. Responsibilities

  • Developing, refactoring, testing and running our Python based platform
  • Developing our integration with data from external APIs and databases and support a unified data structure. Transform and prepare data for use in machine learning models.
  • Developing, testing and running clustering and prediction algorithms against the available transactional and contextual data that contributes to specific charity goals.
  • Collaborating with the other data scientist and other team members on what is needed to help make the Accessible Intelligence vision into a reality.
  • Continuous deployment and evaluation of the platform to improve accuracy, efficacy and prediction speed.


  • Experience with Python Development
  • Experience with standard scientific Python libraries including, numpy, scipy, pandas.
  • Knowledge of data scraping and preparation for use in machine learning and experience using standard request APIs and SQL.
  • Knowledge of machine learning workflows in at least one common library/framework (e.g. scikit-learn, tensorflow etc)
  • Comfort with the basic Linux/Unix command line
  • Ideal: Strong physical sciences/statistics/mathematics background
  • Some involvement with a charity fundraiser or campaign
  • Curious and eager to learn
  • Interested in making change happen
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Willing to play a valuable role in the development of a cutting-edge software application


  • Training and support provided
  • Flexible working hours and locations
  • Possibility to attend sector conferences to learn more and network

About Accessible Intelligence We are a UK start-up led by the CEO of another successful SaaS platform called Engaging Networks. The goal of Accessible Intelligence is to use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to boost the effectiveness of charities’ supporter engagement. Working If London based, you could work from the London office near Farringdon. Part time/remote working will also be considered. To Apply Email with your CV and motivation (cover) letter by August 30th 2019.

experienced practitioner (an expert or specialist or a junior manager managing a few people)
Job type: 
paid job within an organisation
Contract type: 
full time
Org Type: 
company (including b-corp)
Job Location: 
London pref., Europe
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Closing date for applications: 
Friday, August 30, 2019 - 22:55

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