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Greenpeace UK

The Supporter Loyalty, Retention and Development Team at Greenpeace UK is looking to hire a freelance project manager to work on merchandise, WhatsApp and SMS project development.

  1. You’ll define a merchandise marketing strategy, in collaboration with campaigns and Key Influencers, and using big paid social moments at key times in the year.
  2. You’ll also set up a suite of templated and audience-focused communications that will be available for us to use regularly and will help us deliver multichannel communications across GPUK email, Teemail, and social media ads pushes.
  3. You’ll produce two papers on the opportunity of WhatsApp and SMS as channels to deepen supporter engagement, and be used collaboratively across the organisation.
  4. You’ll run a collaborative scoping and idea generation session to outline the opportunities, technical needs, collaboration opportunities and gaining buy in from key teams. Plus a content plan building on insight from other NGO/ companies (including other GP NROS) of engaging content.

Merchandise - “maximising income from this new income stream ” Objective There is a lot of potential to offer this product as an engagement tool to existing supporters and increase income from them, as well as use it as a key channel to bring new supporters into the organisation and raise awareness about our campaigns. Our existing financial supporters love merchandise. They wear it until it falls apart, they come to open boat events wearing t-shirts they bought 30 years ago and they buy them for friends and relatives. In September 2021 we re-launched our webshop, we’ve sent two full list (1m supporters signed up to our email list) emails, we’ve created new ranges (Antarctic penguins, vintage and festivals), sent fortnightly/monthly emails from Teemill’s platform (people who have previously purchased items from the shop) and Teemill run an ongoing social media campaign boosted to our financial supporters, we’ve done a competition for kids to design a t-shirt focused on the climate and we’ve collaborated with Glastonbury to create a t-shirt. Your role We need someone with a passion for merchandise and digital marketing, that can explore how to utilise the merchandise product to its full potential via various digital channels. You’ll need to Identify the opportunities and pitfalls, gather the needs from across the organisation, and devise and deliver a plan to grow this product/channel. Specifically:

  • Draw up and deliver a marketing plan for the next six months - one year that draws on what we’ve done so far and what insights and data we have to ensure the program meets its income and strategic targets.
  • Work with people across the organisation to identify what opportunities are coming up that we can make use of from new campaign materials and moments to relationships with Key Influencers.
  • Create opportunities to use merchandise as a key engagement tool for existing financial supporters and to gain new financial supporters by working with our social media organic and paid teams as well as the website team on blogs, videos and other relevant content.
  • Project manage and deliver the outputs required e.g. social media ads, email writing, building and sending, identifying audiences and creating schedules, monitoring performance and reporting back on results.


  • A marketing plan and schedule of outputs for the next six - 12 months
  • A set of content sent out in the period you are working with us plus a set ready for when you complete them that we can send out afterwards
  • A range of teams bought into merchandise and coming to us with ideas and suggestions
  • Project manage delivery of emails and social ads (volumes to be confirmed)

When Ideally part-time August through to November/December to cover the Christmas push. WhatsApp and SMS - "meeting supporters where they’re at’’ Objective Greenpeace is great at engaging our supporters by email, mail, phone, and social media, but we need to invest in developing our communications through SMS and WhatsApp. This will enable us to give them a better supporter journey, more personalized stewardship will include more engaging, reactive content that's better personalized to their past actions, their interests and needs to make them feel more valued and thanked. We’ll also use these channels to generate more include, get them to increase their giving and support our colleagues in digital campaigning and mobilise supporters through these channels. Your role We need someone with a passion for digital communication, that can explore how Greenpeace can use these channels, identify the opportunities and pitfalls, gather the needs from across the organisation, and devise a plan for the best method to implement them. Specifically:

  • WhatsApp - we encourage supporters to share our content on WhatsApp (mostly from email) but we are yet to broadcast content directly on this channel. We see this as a massive opportunity to communicate with supporters on a channel they use daily, with rich, engaging content
  • SMS - we have over 100,000 supporters (both financial and non-financial) opted in (that is only a 1/15 of our email list) and it is working well for development fundraising to get regular givers to increase their direct debit, and as a way to keeping financial supporters engaged. We’ve used it a couple of times for campaign pushes (e.g. Big Plastic count), but again, there are big opportunities to engage supporters more on this channel.

Deliverables WhatsApp: WhatsApp opportunities paper

  • outlining the opportunities and a project plan to make it happen. This will include a cross-org idea-generation session (and importantly buy-in) gathering the needs from teams like digital campaigners (mobilisation) and fundraising recruitment and retention/development, supporter services and how we administrate and deal with queries, as well as importantly the role of data, opt ins (if needed), and how we use WhatsApp business. Case studies on how its used at scale e.g. Netflix would be helpful, what would it look like with 100,000 supporters on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp content plan

  • an exploration of what a WhatsApp journey could look like for our audiences, and case studies from orgs making this work e.g. Greenpeace Africa / Brazil.

SMS: SMS strategy paper

  • a paper outlining the opportunities and a project plan to make it happen, although may not be implemented until 2023. This will include a cross-org idea-generation session needs / dependencies.

SMS tool plan

  • we currently use an agency, we’d like to explore tools that could plug directly into Salesforce and send the SMS directly from our database. This would include working with IT and the data team to explore options and processes to make this happen.

When These two projects can run in Q3/Q4 of 2022, with WhatsApp taking priority. Desk work can be done in August but the sessions may want to avoid this month as many people might be on holiday.

experienced practitioner (an expert or specialist or a junior manager managing a few people)
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, UK
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Thursday, September 1, 2022 - 18:00

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