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Greenpeace UK

Overview The Supporter Loyalty, Retention and Development Team at Greenpeace UK is looking to hire a freelance project manager to work on retention comms including: Supporter wall refresh, welcome journey refresh embedding Optograde and testing plan. The freelancer will be responsible for providing a refresh of our retention journey to boost engagement and loyalty for key groups of supporters. You’ll update the welcome journey to be more relevant, and increase engagement, such as using the Wall of Change and new giving opportunities like merchandise. You’ll enhance the optograde journey with more communication touch points to make supporters feel more thanked and more in control - especially important during the cost of living crisis. And you’ll evaluate - create a new report monitoring engagement with thank you newsletter, retention SMS and the impact. Secondary aim: Loyalty project scoping. You’ll produce a research paper that sets out how we might produce a loyalty scoring system in order to track and compare over time any changes in loyalty and act accordingly in order to increase retention. By working cross organisationally the paper will outline what is and isn’t possible, costs, scope, timings and potential returns for the project that helps us decide where it sits in the program. Consider the potential of expanding to non-financial supporters A. Retention Comms Objective Supporter wall refresh, welcome journey refresh embedding Optograde and testing plan When Greenpeace turned 50 in 2021, we invited supporters to join us in celebration of how far we’ve come and to celebrate all the things they’ve been part of and have enabled. 17,500 supporters joined our Wall of Change by adding their names and faces to our virtual wall as well as their messages of hope for the upcoming COP26. We want to identify ways of keeping the wall alive and using it to thank, inspire and further engage our supporters - primarily our existing financial supporters but if it is beneficial to open this up to the wider audience then we can consider that too. We also have a welcome journey that begins once a supporter is recruited with a new regular donation (direct debit) and it is delivered through mail, email and phone. We want to identify ways of improving and updating and testing the content by ensuring that we are meeting supporters where they are at whilst also reminding them of the importance of their gift and therefore increasing loyalty and retention rates. When supporters start a direct debit with Greenpeace we ask them if they want to opt-in to an automatic increase of their regular gift every year of £1. Now we have proved the concept works, we are looking to improve the comms journey that reminds supporters of this element to their giving and we also want to introduce a thank you element, newsletter and SMS. We also want to review the reporting so we can make adjustments, test where needed and gleam learnings. Your role We need a communications specialist with experience in creating and testing supporter journeys who can explore how we can analyse, assess and come up with recommendations for our welcome journey that looks to incorporate the Wall of Change and Optograde in order to help deliver our retention and development strategy. Specifically:

  • Draw up and deliver a plan for the supporter wall in line with the retention and development strategy. Work with the agency who provides tech support and develops the wall itself.
  • Work with people across the organisation to identify what opportunities there are coming up that we can make use of from COP27 to relationships with Key Influencers.
  • Create opportunities to use the wall of change as a key engagement tool for existing financial supporters by working with our social media organic and paid teams as well as the website team on blogs, videos and other relevant content that could be featured.
  • Project manage and deliver the outputs required e.g. email and social media post writing, building and sending, identifying audiences and creating schedules, reporting back on results.
  • Anlayse the content and results of the current welcome journey to identify opportunities to create a testing plan. Write, build and automate new welcome emails, Opotgrapde emails and SMS.
  • An assessment, plan and schedule of outputs for the next six - 12 months for both Wall of Change and the welcome journey to incorporate Optograde.
  • A suite of content set up for the next six months+ and either sent out or ready to go.
  • Work with the supporter journey manager to integrate the comms into automated journeys.
  • Work with the data, planning and insight team to produce a robust and useful report.

When Ideally part-time August through to November/December to cover COP in November. B. Loyalty project Objective Retention rates for existing financial supporters are good but there is always room for improvement. We currently only measure what supporters do via engagement scoring rather than how they feel so there is an opportunity there to use it as another key performance indicator. Previously we have worked with the agency About Loyalty who ran a survey for us and they fed the responses into their data set to provide us with a set of loyalty scores. This was set against a range of other organisations to benchmark our scores and workshopped to identify ways to improve those scores. Using this agency is costly and we want to identify if we can use the hive minds in our Data, Planning and Insight team to develop our own version that will measure and track supporter loyalty over time. This will help us identify trends between loyalty, retention and engagement and lead us to test a range of comms and timings in order to improve on these scores. Loyalty project - scoping, developing, testing Your role You will research how we might produce a loyalty scoring system so that we can compare over time any changes in loyalty and act accordingly in order to increase retention rates and income. Specifically:

  • Research how other organisations measure loyalty and present findings
  • Work with mobilisation and data planning and insight teams to identify opportunities and possibilities in order to create a paper that outlines what is and isn’t possible, costs, scope, timings and potential returns for the project that helps us decide where it sits in the program. Consider the potential of expanding to non-financial supporters
  • Speak to About Loyalty to identify key learnings and recommendations


  • A paper outlining the potential outcomes, pitfalls, timings, costs and benefits of running a loyalty scoring project.
  • Identify key questions that we can use to measure loyalty with our survey specialists and others
  • Identify how we can flag useful elements of survey engagement on our database for future personalisation, segmentation etc.
  • Deliver a plan of tailored asks and a testing plan that incorporates engagement and loyalty scoring to identify where there are opportunities to ask for upgrade, cash, optograde, legacy giving etc.

When To begin in Q4 and be delivered by the end of the year.

experienced practitioner (an expert or specialist or a junior manager managing a few people)
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, anywhere
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Thursday, September 1, 2022 - 18:00

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