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Day rates £200-600
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Lily Caprani Consulting Ltd

PROJECT BRIEF & REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS:  Seeking freelancers and/or small agency support for a creative, content-led, consumer-facing social marketing campaign. Work to start immediately, flexible, day rates paid, campaign duration - 5 months.  THE CLIENT: LILY CAPRANI CONSULTING LTD Lily has been a campaigner for over 20 years, working in lots of NGOs on domestic and international issues, most recently as Deputy Executive Director at UNICEF UK where she was responsible for Communications, Advocacy and Programmes. Before that she was Director of Strategy, Communications and Policy at The Children’s Society; Head of Communications for Rethink Mental Health; helped launch the UK’s biggest mental health attitude change campaign Time to Change, and campaigned on other poverty, welfare, human rights and humanitarian issues. Lily's social change agency, LILY CAPRANI CONSULTING LTD has just won a contract to deliver an exciting new campaign and is looking for a small team of freelancers to help. THE CAMPAIGN: THE DEBTHACKER (working title) The cause: The campaign we have been commissioned to deliver aims to tackle high-cost ‘rip-off’ lenders, like payday loan companies, doorstep loan sharks and high-street retailers who target ‘sub-prime’ borrowers. Borrowers who are excluded from mainstream, affordable finance are often on low incomes and living in challenging circumstances. Unfortunately, there are many lenders ready to take advantage of this vulnerability and snare desperate borrowers into taking unaffordable loans with extortionately high interest. For too many, they end up getting completely trapped in a spiral of debt, which can entrench poverty and damage mental wellbeing. Enter the Debthacker campaign. The campaign has overarching three goals: 1) to create overwhelming pressure for the worst offending high-cost lenders to reform or go bust. 2) to empower the thousands of people who have been the victims of exploitative lending, to fight-back and transform their own financial well-being, and 3) to drive up demand for ethical, affordable alternative financial services, especially from employers, housing associations and public bodies that are in a position to improve the well-being of their employees/tenants/members. The strategy: We will deliver a dynamic, outspoken, consumer-facing campaign that mobilises thousands of people to take action in the fight against exploitative lending. This audience is likely to be a little bit harder to engage, so we will develop a highly creative, content-driven social marketing campaign that will build engagement online, put the debt-hacker idea ‘into culture’ and motivate thousands of supporters to share content, sign petitions, and take direct actions (including making complaints and reclaims for miss-sold loans). To cut-through and make a fast impact we will need to adopt a memorable identity and a highly distinctive tone of voice. We will need to be very clever with our targeting and spend our marketing budget very wisely. Offline, the campaign will partner with employers, businesses, councils and others, and we will create campaign assets and plans for them to use with their own constituencies. The aim here will be to create ‘talk-ability’ among harder to reach groups who will benefit from the campaign. Project Timescales The campaign’s first target will be payday lending – specifically, we want to end the practice of payday lenders making unaffordable loans to borrowers who are quickly overwhelmed by the repayments and interest. The campaign is due to launch in just a few weeks… so the heat is on. We are funded until the end of this year and would like to hit our campaign targets in time for Christmas. If we are successful, we are likely to go on to develop and extend the campaign into 2019. Request for Proposals We are now seeking support from talented and highly creative campaigners and communicators who have a passion for social justice and believe in this cause. We want to work with freelancers or small agencies with an entrepreneurial mind-set, who thrive on dynamic and fast-moving projects and are not shy about contributing ideas. We will form a small, agile and energetic team, with minimal bureaucracy and hierarchy. We are especially interested in hearing from people who have experience in marketing content to a younger, male audience, and reaching audiences in the lower income bracket – as we know that these are the characteristics of a lot of payday borrowers. The Offer We are offering to pay good day rates to individual freelancers (self-employed) or small agencies, for flexible work over the next 5 months (with the possibility of extension). You may want to work as little as 2 days a week, or as many as 5. We will come together as a team once or twice a week at premises in Central London, or more often when needed and you’ll have the freedom to work flexibly the rest of the time – we can stay connected using skype or similar. Your contract will be with Lily Caprani Consulting Ltd. We will agree in advance what work you’ll be doing and you’ll invoice weekly or monthly for days worked. You’ll have your own equipment, but any special tools, software, licenses, additional services required to deliver the campaign will be purchased by Lily Caprani Consulting Ltd.  Specific Deliverables: 

  • Help us develop the campaign ‘brand’ visual identity and tone of voice.
  • Help us develop a creative, insight-driven content strategy based on learnings about key audiences.
  • Help us plan, coordinate and project manage the various campaign elements, including some administration and monitoring of budgets and deadlines.
  • Create assets - design, shoot, edit and post-produce assets such as video and animations, and visually design offline assets
  • Devise and execute a highly targeted, multi-channel digital marketing campaign, (paid media) optimising for performance.
  • Devise and execute a consumer PR and digital outreach campaign, (earned media) working with bloggers, vloggers, online news outlets and other partners.

What we are not looking for: We have just won the contract to deliver the entire campaign, and we are seeking freelancers  to join our team and to deliver certain aspects of the campaign, or small agencies who can offer specialist services. We are NOT looking to outsource the whole campaign, and we are not inviting pitches from full-service agencies who want to deliver the whole campaign for the end client - that's our job.  Process and Next Steps We are ready to start work right away, the sooner, the better. We are seeking proposals from interested freelancers and small/specialist agencies immediately – initially, please drop me an email with your expression of interest, setting out your relevant skills and experience, any relevant examples of previous work, creds or testimonials and tell us which of the above deliverables you think you can help us with – be as specific as you can. Tell us what your day rate is, how many days work you’re looking for and when you can start. We will get back to you quickly and if it sounds like we might be a good fit, we’ll arrange to meet up or do a call as soon as we can. We think this campaign has the potential to make a real difference, and we have the opportunity to have a lot of fun making it happen! If you agree and want to get involved, get in touch.

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London, England, UK
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Monday, August 20, 2018 - 18:00

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