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Bianca Dowling
Network points: 80?

I thoroughly enjoy working in the Marketing field and have had a well rounded career within the direct marketing arena spanning 15 years. I enjoy establishing good working relationships within the business as well as external clients and suppliers to achieve business goals. I welcome new challenges and like to see...

Skills: Analysis, Communications, Organisation, Business management
Software skills: Microsoft Office, Google Analytics
Availability: Available
Vanessa Faloye
Vanessa Faloye
Network points: 80?

I am a Mentor of 'Public Speaking for Purpose' which means using public speaking and pitching skills to bring about social change in our personal and professional and/or public and private lives. My mentorship offers a holistic approach to case-specific learning about social injustice, social innovation, and social...

Skills: public speaking, Social Enterprise, Project management, Leadership
Software skills: Adobe Premiere Pro
Availability: Available
Paula Laurel Jackson
Paula Jackson, PhD
Network points: 80?

I am very interested in finding ways to empower youth globally. I have worked as an education consultant for many years and created schools in various countries. Right now, I am excited to work with individuals and or organisations with a mission to empower youth, disrupt education as it currently exists and to...

Helen Tarlton
Helen Tarlton Network points: 75

For the last 3 years I have been working as a self-employed gardener. Normal duties include; the creation and maintenance of no-dig vegetable beds, maintenance of decorative perennial borders and annual displays, pruning of fruit trees and decorative shrubs and and any other associated tasks required.

Software skills: ECDL
Availability: Available
Foxglove Therapies Network points: 75

I'm a complementary therapist and permaculture design consultant, practicing ecotherapy, essentially a fusion of the two.

I run a community garden in Roath, Cardiff in my spare time, with a small group of like-minded people, work with the local Transition group and a number of other sustainability groups and...

Skills: Ecotherapy, Reiki, Permaculture design
Software skills:
Availability: Contact me
Natasha Whiting
Natasha Whiting LTD
Network points: 60?

I whatever you want me to do, PR wise, Marketing wise, Brand management wise, people management wise. I am creative, outgoing, hardworking, kind, adventurous.

Skills: Photography, Events, Community Management
Software skills:
Availability: Available
Priya Ghai
Priya Ghai Ltd
Network points: 60?

I can...Facilitate and Design workshops and programmes that enable groups and companies to reach their collective potential through process, purpose and play. I have worked with both small and large companies helping them change their culture, creating new and relevant ideas for their ever changing consumer, and...

Skills: Facilitation, Workshop design, Strategy, Training
Software skills: iMovie, Mailchimp, Adobe InDesign, Keynote
Availability: Available
David Schofield
Network points: 60?

I am a social enterprise professional, specialising in the management and administration of organisations, people and workplaces. I inspire people to gather around shared goals then create the conditions for them to work together effectively. I do this through a combination of academic knowledge in business...

Skills: Administration, Human Resources, Business management
Software skills: Wordpress, Google services, Cloud services
Availability: Available
Michael Higgins
Network points: 60?

I can design and edit websites, edit audio and video, research and apply to trusts and foundations, maintain databases, and help with general fundraising.

I am currently working for Positive Pete, Basildon Mind, Thurrock Mind, Dancing Giraffe and IOF London Region, and I have previously worked for Thurrock...

Skills: Web Design, Fundraising, Databases
Software skills: HTML, RaisersEdge, Wordpress, AVS Editor
Availability: Available
Marina Ivanova Stoycheva-Francois
Marina Francois
Network points: 56?

Translator: from French, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian into Bulgarian, and from Bulgarian, French, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian into French.
Interpreter: FR/BG and BG/FR. Editor. Proofreader. Book Designer.
I am doing these jobs as a volunteer, after my working hours as an official in the...

Skills: Translation, Interpretation, Editing, Journalism
Software skills: Microsoft Office, Corel, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop
Availability: Contact me


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