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Samantha Smithson
Network points: 55?

Visual communications, from designing social change T-shirt prints, to producing shareable video content, to infographics, to photography, to writing positive stories. With the main objective to instigate behavioral change through inspiration.

Katie Crepeau
Network points: 55?

I help socially-focused individuals and organisations improve their communications, marketing, and sales in order to create long-term, financially sustainable opportunities. My specialty is working with creative professionals who are shifting careers, starting new organisations, and refining young organisations (~2...

Network points: 55?

I can code stuff, primarily using .Net and SQL Server. I'm a full stack developer, I can do font-end, back-end coding and database.

Skills: Software development
Software skills: .Net, SQL
Availability: Available
Lou Hart
Lou Hart Trends Consultancy
Network points: 55?

My consultancy specialises in lifestyle trend insights which will help brands develop new and relevant concepts as well as strengthen their overall strategy. I can assist with seasonal trend forecasting, written research reports, mood boards and concept development to feed into the creative process and give you...

Kaustubh Savatkar
Network points: 55?

I can lead sessions on Toxin-free lifestyle, Best out of Waste. I like to facilitate workshops on Non-Violent Communication and work towards restoration, healing and co-creative learning. I am interested in Photography, Music and art. I can do content writing preferably in Marathi.

Skills: Project management, Sales and Marketing
Software skills: Adobe Photoshop
Availability: Available
Tara Jane Seton
Network points: 55

I have over 4 years of experience in direct and digital marketing, specialising in content marketing, social media and community building. I am a problem solver that is not afraid to try new things with a proven track record in understanding audiences, building reputations and engaging with users in order to...

Skills: Community Management
Software skills: Content Management Systems
Availability: Available
Mark Robinson
Digital Creative
Network points: 55?

I specialise in working with organisations that seek positive change in the world. For over 15 years I’ve worked on a wide array of digital projects incorporating all aspects of film production to the finer details of web development. Inbetween all that I’ve also picked up many complimentary skills from simple...

Skills: Video production, Web development, Animation
Software skills: Adobe Creative Suite, Wordpress
Availability: Available
Marcus Daniel Mattia
Marcus Mattia
Network points: 55?

I can speak three languages fluently, translate from Italian into English, teach English in an inspiring and motivating way, cook very well, write well, deliver clear and entertaining public speeches.

Skills: Teaching, Cooking
Software skills:
Availability: Contact me
Cat-Dan Lai-Smith
Lai-Smith Communications
Network points: 55?

As a former child war refugee, I have a strong heart for justice. Thus, I especially welcome the opportunity to work with clients on projects that will influence and motivate audiences towards meaningful action.

As an expert communicator, I am passionate about crafting and sharing messages that create long-...

Skills: Political advocacy, Digital Marketing
Software skills: Content Management Systems, Wordpress, Mailchimp
Availability: Contact me
Anna McEvoy
Anna Network points: 55

Since graduating with a BSc in Economics and Management, I have been working for over a year in different disciplines of marketing, including: B2B corporate events (Lodestar UK); advertising (M&C Saatchi); database marketing (Planning Inc.) and most recently PR for FMCG, charities and industry professionals (...


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