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Victoria McGinness
Jinx Studio
Network points: 50?

I'm an Illustrator and co-owner mural studio jinx I love collaborating with other disciplines, whether creative or not. I also work with print design, branding and social media.

I'm also a qualified cook and caterer.

Skills: Illustration
Software skills: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Twitter
Availability: Available
Daver Wood
Network points: 50?

I can provide life coaching, and specialist life coach training, for the marginalised and disadvantaged, troubled and troublesome, and those who work with them. This typically includes people recovering from issues such as addiction, abuse and mental health. I also offer training around issues such as crime,...

Skills: Training, Coaching, Leadership
Software skills:
Availability: Available
Jim Craig
Network points: 50?

I create compelling value propositions for sustainable products and services. These take the form of web pages, product brochures, blog posts and presentations. (I fish for you :-)

In addition I facilitate workshops and meetings to help you and a range of stakeholders define their products/services. (I teach...

Daniel Tyrkiel
Network points: 50?

Evergreen content will help grow traffic over time whether you produce new content or not.

Attracting future supporters for your charity these days requires providing interesting content. I write engaging, long form articles which capture the reader's attention from start to finish.


Skills: Writing, Creative writing
Software skills:
Availability: Available
Carole Donnelly
The Inspiration Club
Network points: 50?

I can do housing, community development. I am an ABCD (Asset based community development) specialist offering great training and inspiring communities to be more self sufficient.
I offer strategic management for communities and help set up Social Enterprises. I'm an inspiration speaker and offer a wide...

Marion Hemming
Maz Hemming
Network points: 50?

I can fix computers (PC and Mac), I can create wordpress websites, including designing my own themes, I can transfer websites from joomla to wordpress, I can program in python, I can make basic java apps, I can travel within London, I can design and program interactive fiction games, I can use the adobe suite to...

James Light
James Light Film Production
Network points: 50?

I offer tailored film solutions to help businesses, organisations, charities and individuals expand their communication reach.

With over 10 years experience in film and broadcast production, I have honed my skills to telling your story. Together we can create stunning film solutions to help you tell your...

Julie Horsley
Weavers of Wellbeing
Network points: 50?

I can...offer services as a well being intuitive coach and facilitate systems reviews of organisations and complex issues to support them in the co-creating/co-designing and aligning of well being in to every aspect of the way they work. This takes a holistic approach based on caring for the soul and has been...

Skills: Systems analysis, Interim management
Software skills: Sage Instant Accounts
Availability: Available
Angela McCart
Ange Network points: 50

solve problems

Software skills:
Availability: Contact me
Sam Lax
The Lax Salmon
Network points: 50?

I can do lots of things but my main commercial passions are media production, I'm chiefly a;
-Radio producer/presenter

It's best to check out my website to see examples of my work;


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