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Daniel Tyrkiel
Network points: 50?

Evergreen content will help grow traffic over time whether you produce new content or not.

Attracting future supporters for your charity these days requires providing interesting content. I write engaging, long form articles which capture the reader's attention from start to finish.


Skills: Writing, Creative writing
Software skills:
Availability: Available
Carole Donnelly
The Inspiration Club
Network points: 50?

I can do housing, community development. I am an ABCD (Asset based community development) specialist offering great training and inspiring communities to be more self sufficient.
I offer strategic management for communities and help set up Social Enterprises. I'm an inspiration speaker and offer a wide...

Marion Hemming
Maz Hemming
Network points: 50?

I can fix computers (PC and Mac), I can create wordpress websites, including designing my own themes, I can transfer websites from joomla to wordpress, I can program in python, I can make basic java apps, I can travel within London, I can design and program interactive fiction games, I can use the adobe suite to...

James Light
James Light Film Production
Network points: 50?

I offer tailored film solutions to help businesses, organisations, charities and individuals expand their communication reach.

With over 10 years experience in film and broadcast production, I have honed my skills to telling your story. Together we can create stunning film solutions to help you tell your...

Julie Horsley
Weavers of Wellbeing
Network points: 50?

I can...offer services as a well being intuitive coach and facilitate systems reviews of organisations and complex issues to support them in the co-creating/co-designing and aligning of well being in to every aspect of the way they work. This takes a holistic approach based on caring for the soul and has been...

Skills: Systems analysis, Interim management
Software skills: Sage Instant Accounts
Availability: Available
Angela McCart
Ange Network points: 50

solve problems

Software skills:
Availability: Contact me
Sam Lax
The Lax Salmon
Network points: 50?

I can do lots of things but my main commercial passions are media production, I'm chiefly a;
-Radio producer/presenter

It's best to check out my website to see examples of my work;

laura palmer
laura palmer
Network points: 50?

communication, project management and translation

Skills: Communications
Software skills: Microsoft Office
Availability: Not available
Anna Thomson
Network points: 50

I am currently a second year French and History student at the University of Warwick. Last summer I realised that social impact was the sector for me, through me internship with Bates Wells Braithwaite Advisory and Impact.

Skills: Accounting, Policy research, Academic writing, Presentation skills, French
Software skills:
Availability: Available
Ben Serbutt
Network points: 50?

I’m unable to walk past newsagents without going in, halfway through 3 books, a non-practising Australian, an ideas-led designer, art director and illustrator. I’m not good at long division.

Skills: Content development
Software skills: Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Photoshop, Google Slide
Availability: Contact me


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