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Josef Davies-Coates
United Diversity
Network points: 25?

I make websites (mostly wordpress), manage social media, and advise social enterprises & start-ups (particularly co-ops) on legal structures, community share issues and crowdfunding campaigns etc.

My goal is to build a thriving society by helping people to discover, contribute to and replicate...

Skills: Web development, Social media, Fundraising, Creative problem solving
Software skills:
Availability: Available
Matthew Bickerton
MB Design
Network points: 15?

I can design your company brochures and website. I specialise in branding and marketing for social enterprises and charities and have been working in the marketing field for over 10 years.
Please contact me if you have a project in mind or would like to find out more.

Skills: Marketing, Branding, Web development, Print design
Software skills: Adobe Creative Suite, HTML, CSS
Availability: Available
Tim Godwin
Make & Mend - Graphic Design and Visual Communication
Network points: 5?

I am a multidisciplinary designer, specialising in effective communication for ethical businesses and organisations, with a strong visual skill set and a passion for typography.

I also work for entrepreneurial startups which show flair and ambition. I endeavour to make the results of my work as...

Skills: Print design, Web development, Sustainable print sourcing, Creative problem solving
Software skills:
Availability: Contact me
Maximilian Kampk
Network points: 5?

I can conduct high level market research; create stylish, responsive websites; maximise outreach, exposure and impact through growth-hacking; identify, persue and convert fundraising opportunities; devise business strategies and manage business development.

Skills: Web development, Growth Hacking, Fundraising
Software skills:
Availability: Available
Adefemi Bajulaye
Network points: 0?

I just finished my International Baccalaureate diploma which was a rigorous course and this improved my communicational skills, and also made me become globally aware of situations.
I am an efficient thinker. I am studying architecture in University. I am an artist, and I paint, draw and create in any medium...

Skills: Painter, Idea generation
Software skills:
Availability: Available
Zeke Wade
Zeke Wade
Network points: 0?

I am an Illustrator, Graphic designer and Print maker, I have a wealth of diverse experience, ranging from Fabric design to Animation and am always looking for fresh new challenges and projects.

Skills: Illustration, Graphic design, Print making, Fabric design, Animation
Software skills:
Availability: Available
Alecs Geuder
Network points: 0

I build software applications, from architectural design to implementation.
- I do web development (mainly but not only in Python/Django or NodeJS), server-side prefered, but I can also do the JavaScript side of things
- I like to work on something that is related to exploring data (have done this using...

Skills: Web development, Data analysis
Software skills: Python, JavaScript, Java, Django, NodeJS
Availability: Available
Tessa Findlay
Network points: 0?

Events Management
Hospitality Management
Alternative Building
Office Administration
Business Owner
Renewable Energy Consultant
Amateur Model and Performer

I have had a varied career and...

Helen Parnham
HP solutions
Network points: 0?

Hi there. I solve problems. I'm an enthusiastic professional with over 8 years of experience in policy development, strategy and delivery, looking to broaden my horizons! I'm motivated by creativity, problem-solving, teamwork and quality.

Since joining the Civil Service Faststream (the Government’s...

Software skills:
Availability: Available
Christina Rebel
Network points: 0?

At Espians we are developing WikiFactory, an online ecosystem for the future of manufacturing, made of a distributed, collaborative network of local producers. We are building an open library of digital designs for 3D printing, a web-based design tool with parametric functionalities to expose configuration and...

Software skills:
Availability: Contact me


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