Head of Digital Grant Making

Hiring Organisation: 
Big Lottery Fund

We are looking for a Head of Digital grant making to lead on two key elements of the Big Lottery Fund’s digital strategy. Supporting the Fund to become a ‘digitally savvy’ funder, by: • Leading a collaborative process to map the journey that we need to go on to make the Fund into an organisation that can confidently make great grants in a world that is completely permeated by digital tools and digital norms.• Developing and potentially delivering a programme of support for our staff and committee members to increase their skills.• Contributing to the development of the digital aspects of new funding products across the Fund.• Spotting trends and ideas for the use of digital technologies and digital practices that can put People in the Lead. Helping to ensure that the Fund has a coherent, focused plan to help strengthen the digital capabilities of civil society. This will include: • Implementing our plan which covers how the Fund can strengthen the ability of the sector to use digital to achieve their aims through both financial and non-financial support. • Establishing the Big Lottery Fund as a credible source of funding for organisations seeking to use digital tools and skills to create greater impact.• Working with a range of other funders to develop joint approaches to supporting social technology projects. Person Specification: We are looking for someone who is passionate about the potential of digital technologies and practices to support Civil Society sector organisations, and the people they benefit. As well as the requirements of the role profile, you must have: - A least three years’ experience of using digital tools and skills to help deliver positive social impacts. We will take a broad definition of what this constitutes, and will consider private, public and Civil Society sector experience. - A solid understanding of digital practices and technologies, and specifically familiarity with how digital products and services are developed. - Familiarity with the challenges and opportunities facing civil society organisations seeking to use digital practices to further their aims. - Experience of explaining digital ideas and practices to others with lower levels of digital skill, helping them to skill up. - Ability to work flexibly and use a relational approach, with an ability to work with a variety of external stakeholders. - Willingness to undertake UK travel, to meet with organisations using digital for social aims and other stakeholders. The following qualities will strengthen your application, but are not essential - Networks in either the ‘tech for good’ sector or in the wider digital sector. - Experience of researching and learning about people, such as running interviews, conducting workshops etc. - Experience of being a product owner, product manager, software developer, digital designer, user experience researcher or other similar digital roles. - Experience of developing new approaches and challenging established ways of thinking. How to Apply:  www.biglotteryfund.org.uk/jobs If you have any questions or want to know more about the role, please contact John.Knights@biglotteryfund.org.uk.

experienced practitioner (an expert or specialist or a junior manager managing a few people)
Job type: 
paid job within an organisation
Contract type: 
full time
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Job Location: 
anywhere, UK
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Closing date for applications: 
Wednesday, May 30, 2018 - 18:00

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