Nvivo research analyst

9 days @ 225 a day
Hiring Organisation: 
DHA Communications

Wanted: Nvivo research analyst We’re working on a project to understand how far the media does or doesn’t cover multiple social disadvantage eg when they talk about homelessness do they talk about it in isolation or recognise that homeless people frequently have more complex lives and face other disadvantages too. We want to commission in-depth discourse analysis using Nvivo software to look at 125 articles generated from a cache of more than 8,000 and explore the dominant narrative and how far gender, age, ethnicity and race may factor into this. We have a budget for 9 days’ work @£225 a day to code and analyse 125 media articles – if possible this month or early November

Job type: 
Contract type: 
full time
Org Type: 
Job Location: 
, UK
Location type: 
Closing date for applications: 
Monday, October 22, 2018 - 18:00

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