Policy Officer

£25,000-£30,000 depending on level and type of experience
Hiring Organisation: 
Full Fact

Full Fact is the UK’s independent factchecking organisation. From the start we knew that publishing factchecks is only the first step towards accurate public debate. To change culture we intervene in other ways, including asking for corrections to inaccurate claims or improving information at source to help avoid mistakes happening in the first place. Through this award-winning approach we’ve secured corrections from all kinds of political actors: newspapers from the Guardian to the Daily Mail, national broadcasters, pressure groups, and politicians including a Prime Minister. We’ve successfully campaigned for an accurate and accountable public debate including stopping statistics being given out selectively to newspapers, improving the BBC’s editorial guidelines, and making sure experts’ voices are heard at election time. With the world turning to factcheckers and verification experts to fix the problems of the global news ecosystem, we need to increase the effectiveness of factchecking more than ever. We’re hiring a Policy Officer to systematise and expand our engagement work, so that we squeeze every last drop of impact out of the amazing research our factcheckers do. The Policy Officer will come into contact with MPs, select committees, and the civil service, as well as rising influences on public debate like Facebook, Google and citizen journalists. You will help Full Fact steer public conversations through this complex political landscape, and equip us with the evidence base necessary to make useful and informed interventions. This is an opportunity to put your creativity to work by applying traditional policy methods to a fast moving campaigning context. You’ll have responsibility and opportunities to grow. If you’re a natural problem solver with lots of ideas, and the determination to see those ideas through, this is a fascinating job at the heart of one of the most important public debates today. Mission You will act on the findings of our factchecks, to secure corrections to inaccurate claims and improve how high quality information is released and communicated to the public. You will work with Full Fact’s factcheckers to spot patterns of repeated claims, errors, and bad practice—ranging from claimants ignoring correction notices to public bodies refusing to release information. It will be your responsibility to document these patterns, collate an evidence base, and ensure we act on this. You’ll also promote good practice and call attention to people who use facts well. You’ll track the success of our interventions and communicate this to our donors and other supporters. Outcomes You will be responsible for delivering the following outcomes:

  • From the first month, secure corrections and improvements to statistical releases and other sources of public information
  • From the first month, build and maintain good working relationships with readers’ editors, regulators, data producers, and others who directly affect the accuracy of public debate
  • Within three months, develop and document a fair and consistent process for identifying, carrying out, reporting on, and evaluating our follow up work
  • As needed, consistently produce well written, well-argued and well researched drafts of briefings, letters, submissions and consultation responses
  • Provide internal briefings on Full Fact’s key policy areas including history, evidence and recommendations, aiming for a comprehensive and up to date set of briefings in 12 months
  • Within two months, work with the communications team to tell compelling stories about the impact of our engagement work
  • From the first month, monitor, analyse and evaluate policy developments and opportunities to contribute, and drive improvements to public debate

What you need to have

  • Commitment to political neutrality and a good understanding of impartiality (please see the rules on our website https://fullfact.org/about/jobs/).
  • Strong understanding of public debate in the UK and sensitivity to the political context we work in.
  • Commitment to working for the public benefit and respect for our audience
  • Good judgement and ability to pick the right tone for different situations or groups of people
  • Fluent, clear writing and ability to translate technical or overly detailed text into lively prose which non-experts can engage with
  • Ability to quickly boil down information and complex arguments into concise bullet points
  • Meticulousness and attention to detail
  • Initiative and efficiency

Salary and holiday Starting salary of £25,000-£30,000 depending on level and type of experience 25 days annually plus public holidays and discretionary Christmas holiday How to apply Please read about our standards and neutrality before applying here: https://fullfact.org/about/jobs/ Send a covering letter and CV to Phoebe Arnold via jobs@fullfact.org. Please say where you saw the job advertised.  The application deadline is 10am, Monday 27th November. Interviews will take place on Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th December. Please let us know if you are not available on these dates.

junior (entry level, intern, apprentice, minimal experience)
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paid job within an organisation
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full time
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London, England, UK
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Closing date for applications: 
Monday, November 27, 2017 - 10:00

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