Press and Communications Officer

£37,284 - £43,524 per annum
Hiring Organisation: 
Greenpeace UK

POST: Press & Communications Officer DEPARTMENT: News / Programme RESPONSIBLE TO: Head of News OVERALL PURPOSE OF JOB: To contribute to maximising positive news coverage for Greenpeace, in order to assist in thesuccessful implementation of Greenpeace campaigns. MAIN AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY 1. Media/Campaigns (a) Contribute to the co-ordination and control of quality of office contact with mediaorganisations and individuals, and with Greenpeace International.(b) Take specific responsibility for the execution of particular projects or streams of media workidentified by the Head of News.(c) Identify the most appropriate media outlets and advise campaigners on their most effectiveuse.(d) Maintain and develop beneficial contacts with media organisations and individuals.(e) Take responsibility for authorisation of principal formal communications with the media asrequested.(f) Advise, assist and, where appropriate, lead campaign staff in developing and implementingmedia strategies.(g) Offer day to day advice to campaign staff on media tactics.(h) Prepare and write press releases, media briefings and other relevant materials.(i) Assist in evaluation of projects and other programme work.(j) Liaise closely with other Greenpeace communications staff to ensure consistency ofapproach.(k) Initiate and maximise feature and documentary coverage of Greenpeace campaigns,particularly for priority campaigns and the strategic objectives of the programme.(l) Act as the contact point for Greenpeace International media staff as appropriate.(m) Attend direct actions as principal media coordinator.(n) Act as spokesperson to the media on occasion and as directed. 2. Media/Marketing (a) Provide guidance and assistance to local groups on press relations.(b) Assist with the analysis and evaluation of press coverage. 3. Financial and Administrative Responsibility (a) Take responsibility for aspects of unit administration or finances as delegated. 4. Other (a) Deputise for the Head of News as required.(b) Act as a representative of Greenpeace to external bodies/the media as appropriate.(c) Undertake any other duties, appropriate to the post, as delegated by the Head of News.NOTE: Greenpeace expects all its employees to have a full commitment to the organisation’sequal opportunities and health and safety policies and have acceptance of personal responsibilityfor their practical application. PERSON SPECIFICATION JOB TITLE: Press & Communications Officer DEPARTMENT: News / Programme Listed below are the requirements needed to undertake the job. Selection of candidates will bebased on the extent to which these requirements are met. Media • An understanding of the media needs of a campaigning organisation• Experience of providing media services to an organisation dealing with contested matters ofpublic interest• Demonstrable experience working as a press officer or journalist• Demonstrable and detailed knowledge of the workings and needs of media in the UK• Ability to formulate and implement media strategy solely and within teams• Ability to be innovative in terms of media strategy solely and within teams• Ability to act as a spokesperson and representative of Greenpeace on a wide range of issuesincluding in hostile situations• Ability to solve problems relating to the work of a media unit• Ability to interpret policy of an organisation in order to respond to external enquiries quicklyand under pressure• Ability to apply creativity in the identification and exploitation of media opportunities• Ability to advise, support and lead staff in carrying out media activitiesCommunication• Experience of developing contacts and relationships with journalists and other influentialpersons• Excellent written and verbal communication skills• Experience of communicating clearly in face to face meetings and in difficult circumstancesAdministration / Organisation • Ability to prioritise a heavy workload• Ability to work to tight deadlines• Experience of setting up and maintaining effective administrative systems and databasesPersonal Qualities• Knowledge of, and interest in, environmental issues• Self-motivated• A high level of initiative• Ability to keep calm under pressure• Willingness to work on a wide variety of issues• Willingness to work unsocial hours as required• Personal belief in and support for the aims and core values of Greenpeace

experienced practitioner (an expert or specialist or a junior manager managing a few people)
Job type: 
paid job within an organisation
Contract type: 
full time
Org Type: 
Job Location: 
London, England, UK
Location type: 
Closing date for applications: 
Monday, September 24, 2018 - 09:00

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