Senior Media & Communications Manager

£45,000 - £50,000 (subject to experience)
Hiring Organisation: 
Healing Justice London

Key responsibilities:

  • Strategic oversight and implementation of a communications and outreach strategy designed to improve the impact and effectiveness of the organisation.
  • Developing good media relationships, pitching and working to increase the organisation’s public voice.
  • Supporting content and resource strategy and development– the planning, creation, delivery, and governance of content across digital platforms (website, social media, email).
  • Planning, creating, editing, and proofreading content for a range of channels and audiences, delivering all outputs to a high standard.
  • Provide strategic and operational advice and support to the leadership team.
  • Ensuring that communications activities cohere across the organisation and strengthen projects and programmes.
  • Evaluating quantitative and qualitative data, including digital analytics and user research, to identify trends and user needs, and optimise strategy and content based on the insights.
  • Managing relationships with key suppliers and external partners (such as consultants and freelance writers and illustrators.)
  • Managing the Communications budget and supporting financial management within the communications team.
  • Ensuring that process and learning is documented, evaluation is embedded throughout our work and across the organisation;
  • As a people manager, leading a culture of learning, challenge, and growth across the organisation
experienced practitioner (an expert or specialist or a junior manager managing a few people)
Job type: 
paid job within an organisation
Contract type: 
full time
Job Location: 
, gb,gmt+0to3
Location type: 
Closing date for applications: 
Wednesday, November 30, 2022 - 23:59

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