£27k (pro rata)
Hiring Organisation: 
World Jewish Relief

Storytelling is built into the Jewish DNA. From Moses to Woody Allen, Jews have passed down stories from generation to generation. We are a community which learns, laughs and loves through stories. World Jewish Relief is the first Jewish charity (as far as we know!) to hire a professional storyteller to tell the community about the wonderful, life-affirming stories of the people who we support and the people who support us. Our work spans the globe, helping both the world’s poorest Jewish communities, mainly in Eastern Europe, and responding to humanitarian crises around the world. We also work in the UK, supporting Syrian refugees into employment.   In order to enlist the support of the whole of the Jewish community and beyond, we need them to see the difference that our work makes around the world every day. The best way to see that is through individuals’ stories. You will help us bring this difference to life. This is a once-in-a-lifetime role to enliven – through writing, photos and video - the real-life stories of the people supported by World Jewish Relief around the world.

experienced practitioner (an expert or specialist or a junior manager managing a few people)
Job type: 
paid job within an organisation
Contract type: 
3 days per week
Org Type: 
Job Location: 
London, England, UK
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Closing date for applications: 
Tuesday, August 28, 2018 - 18:00

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