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Five examples of covering emails which landed jobs

Writing a brilliant covering email, or letter, to accompany your CV is probably the most important part of the job application process. If it's too long, or too short, or doesn't contain relevant and specific detail your application could well end up in the bin!

Here, Mikael Cho, founder of Crew, shares five covering emails which actually landed people jobs with his company. Take note and make sure your application gets you a foot in the door!


Why your job application went straight into the bin

If your applying for jobs you only have one shot to make a good impression with your prospective employer, so it pays to do everything you can to make sure your application gets read!

Mikael Cho, founder of Crew explains why he would throw your application in the bin and shares his top 15 tips about things to avoid when applying for a job.

I’m frustrated.

I’ve worked in the online industry for seven years and as a founder for the last three, where I’ve been responsible for hiring.


Great alternatives to unpaid internships for graduates

Ever wondered what you might do after college or university? Ever been to a careers fair and been totally disillusioned by the crap-sounding options in mind-numbingly-boring businesses? Ever been to see a careers adviser and been shocked by the lack of practical, relevant and appropriate advice you get? We know how you feel but you shouldn't despair, there are plenty of alternative options to help you discover what you want to do with your life, find out how to get there, receive training and support and hopefully have a little fun in the process!


Smashing the work-life balance myth

When it comes to crap catch-phrases "achieving work life balance" must be near the top of the list. The basic idea the phrase tries to covey is that wise people "maintain a balance between work and life". But not only is the entire concept a badly mangled myth, it often contributes to the stress its meant to help avoid!


Supercharge your productivity with a blast of satisfaction

Getting stuff done is key to job hunting and working alike, so how can you avoid the painful procrastination loop and ensure you're successful everyday?

People often talk of "motivation techniques" as key to getting stuff done, but mustering up motivation can be hard sometimes, especially if you're not especially keen on the task at hand.

The key element of getting stuff done is discipline. It sounds simple, but kicking off your day by creating your own flavour of well-deserved satisfaction is the holy grail of productivity.


Find your passion to find your dream job

In his free eBook "Zen to Done", Leo Babauta explains what he calls "the ultimate productivity system." It's a good read, full of lots of practical advice but the chapter which caught our eye was the one on "Finding your passion". At Elevator we are constantly encouraging people to follow their passion but what use is that if you don't know what your passion is!?

Here's what Leo has to say about finding your passion and working on something you love. Let us know if you think his advice helps?


How to maximise your chances of succeeding at interview - The inside job

Landing an interview is hard work and when the moment comes you need to be fully prepared. Interview competition is always tough and you need to have every trick in the book stuffed up your sleeve to maximise your chances of success.

So, how can you avoid being beaten to a new role, especially if you're up against a mate of the boss in the age old "jobs for the boys" routine?

In truth it's never easy but if you've got an interview you've got your foot in the door and, with a little research and networking magic, you'll be perfect placed to swing things in your favour.


Forget the career ladder and the job for life. Work to learn, experiment and elevate yourself

Picking a career is scary! You might get it wrong...

I remember being asked all through my child hood "what do you want to be when you grow up?" It seemed like a fun question to start with, but by the time I got to sixteen I was worried. I didn't know the answer. Careers fairs and advisors never helped, they just made the decision sound even more final, as if I only had one chance to pick the perfect career and if I messed up my qualifications, or made the wrong choice, my life would not be worth living.


Whatever you dream you can do, begin it now!

Welcome to the Elevator blog.

We're super excited to have launched our mission to help you find good jobs.

To kick off the blog we thought we'd remind you of this superb, inspirational quote, which should probably be part of any job seeker's, freelancer's or prospective business owner's tool kit.



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