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Centre for Justice Innovation

Centre for Justice Innovation: Briefing for Innovative Justice Practice Map Project summary The Centre for Justice Innovation hosts an online interactive map on its website, which features case studies of innovative justice projects across the UK. Each case study has an individual page on the website, consisting of a description of what the project entails, an image and contact details for the scheme where available. An example of a current case study page can be viewed here. Each case study page can be accessed either directly by clicking on the map, or by filtering the tags on the search function below. The pages are tagged by: geographical area, thematic area, target population and associated organisation. The aim of this project is to replace the current map with one that has significantly improved usability and aesthetics. Objectives of the map The main objectives of the map are:

  1. To promote CJI as an expert in local justice initiatives within the UK.
  2. To empower local national practitioners to find out about and draw on local justice innovation in their own work.
  3. To convert users of the map into consumers of CJI’s wider work and outputs, such as newsletters, consultancy and practice offers, policy and research reports and events.

Audience of the map Users of the map will consist of: national, international, regional and local stakeholders; from a range of areas within the justice sector, including: service delivery, service commissioning, front-line workers, policymakers and researchers. Users will access the map to find about innovative projects happening in their local area, for example political figures in their constituencies or journalists working for regional media. Some users will access the map with a specific topic area in mind to search for a case study, for example on a diversion project. Other users will use the map to look for inspiration for a new project, without a clear idea of what they are specifically looking for. Briefing for a new map We want a map of the United Kingdom, which hosts current and future case studies on its geographic location. We want the map to function and look like this one. When the map is clicked on, we want a text box to appear with a brief summary of the project and a link to the individual case study page. We want users to be able to search terms directly in a search bar, as well as mix and match specific search terms that are tagged to each case study page. When a tag is selected, a summary of each case study and the link to the case study page will appear. We are interested in tweaking these specifications in the future as the map develop and grows, and therefore we would need to be able to add new tags and demographics to the map. Other considerations

  • The current map is custom Drupal module. The new map must be integrated with CJI’s current website CMS programme (Drupal), and it must be possible to be edited and updated by the admin of this website.
  • The map must be a non-propriety, standard, off the shelf plug in solution.
  • Usability is key. The map must be easy and seamless to navigate.
  • Users must be able to filter the case studies without forcing a page refresh. An ideal model is the search function used by the clothing retailer ASOS.
  • The new map must be large and fill the whole page.
  • Our aspiration is for the map to hold a large quantity of case studies, and we are concerned that this could overload certain parts of the maps. The solution we propose is the function used by this map, though we are open to alternative suggestions.

Next steps We would like to invite you to share your proposals with us for a new map of innovation to go on the CJI website. We would like you to send a proposal containing an estimated timescale, costing, technical architecture and functionality. Please email your proposal to lslade@justiceinnovation.org. If you have any questions about the project, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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call for recommendations of freelancers, consultants and/or agencies
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Any within the UK, UK
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Tuesday, September 1, 2020 - 23:59

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